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I am not sure if this has been posted but there is a free large items collection service available:


I had one item (large fridge freezer) and no transport to take it anywhere myself so booked a collection via clearbee - the nearest date was 5th December but can keep it in the garden between now and then.

Maybe helpful to someone?

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If it stops even one person from ditching their old fridge on our road, it is already a triumph.

I wrote to Haringey suggesting exactly this back in September.  Not a dicky bird


This is an excellent service, and thanks for highlighting. The downside is that they only collect bulky electrical items, so not e.g. mattresses etc. for which there is no free collection. I miss the old days when the Council did periodic free collections (once or twice a year unless I'm misremembering) which made a real difference to the fly tipping rates. 

Well makes you wonder, if they can then, why can't the council make money out of this and use that to improve their rubbish services? 

Just booked a Clearabee collection today myself after seeing a mention of the service in another HOL post a couple of weeks ago. Washing machine and Fridge Freezer are being collected on 12th Dec (this is their next date for North Ladder area collections).

I booked by ringing them on 0330 088 1085.

You can also put stuff up for free collection on freecycle/gumtree, people take these things apart and sell the parts individually on ebay for money.

Ahem... and of course on this website!

Can we sign up to other addresses that aren't ours? There's a back garden/car parking area in Sydney at the back of a multiple occupancy which is absolutely disgusting: mess, wood, mattresses, fridges. On that note, any idea what I can do about it? I've contacted Veolia, but because it's in a garden and not the street, apparently there's nothing they can do about it...

Call health services. Say that vermin, etc, is coming out of that place.

Has any of the parties included in thier election programmes just how they plan (practical ways, not just platitudes) to reinstate proper minimal levels of urban and neighbourhood services and funding? And not just spouting lies,lies,lies? Or dogma dogma dogma?

They will take white goods for free, no problem. But when it comes to bulky items, wardrobes etc I think you'll find that they charge for that. They also want the item/s to be dismantled and left out on the street, not on your property. They charge by the cubic metre so the smaller you can make the bundle the better.

This is great, thank you. I paid to have a washing machine removed two weeks ago. 



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