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We are trying to save these from landfill which is threatened for Tuesday:

An antique large, solid, heavy wooden desk/ table from Aland in Finland. It has 2 large shallow drawers which have  some small bits of trim missing but are fully functioning.We guess that the desk is either Finnish or Swedish and know that it was used/owned by the local doctor who would have been practicing around the turn of the century. It is not possible to dismantle

A 60's /70's pine dining/kitchen table for 4

An easy chair part upholstered with a bad coffee stain,but needs recovering anyway. Very solid, good quality antique at least in style (art deco ish look?). No fire safety label.

An antique/ vintage looking v large chest of drawers, pine?, v.solid, some knobs and decorative trim missing.

A modern tallish, narrow , dark green chest of drawers, some knobs missing , one or 2 drawers a bit wonkey but we think fixable

A v large Staples desk/ table light wood effect with metal legs and trim dismantled and now in front garden so may disappear

A clothes rail/rack with 2 wheels at one end for manoeuvrability

I'm afraid I am not in a position to give any sort of accurate measurements of these items, but I could give some rough guesses if asked.

If you would like any of these please email me at elfijenkins@blueyonder.co.uk with your contact number and I will do my best to create something more fair than a first come, first served situation on the day

Also a desk/table with metal legs, functional/commercial, not sure of conditino as it was left outside for a while - no photo available

I'm trying to attach photos but if I don't manage,  I know that I will be able to manage emailing them to anyone interested

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For heaven's sake do not throw them a way them! Try and get hold of the chap that runs 2&4 Vintage furniture at the bottom of Southgate Road, near the Rosemary Branch. He may take them, and possibly pay you for some of it!

He ahs a facebook page, and no web site. There is a phone number in there.

Thank you Justin, I will definitely try contacting him!

I am desperately trying to save all this from Veolia, but it is not completely under my control, so it's a race to beat someone else's arrangements for disposal.

Thanks again!


There is also a place on Lordship lane that sells 2nd hand stuff. I am sure they would pick them up.


Thanks (again!)  JJ B!  I will definitely try them.

What area are you in?

Hi Con

The Gardens N4



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