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I was woken in the early hours today by a fox barking (or whatever the sound is called) on the flat roof right next to my window - it almost sounded like it was in the room. When I opened it, he/she ran off along the top of the side fence and over the back fence, which is a good 8 feet high. Hoping it doesn't happen tonight again.

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This may not help your repose sorry - foxes have partially retractable claws like cats, the better to help them climb.  Plus they have lighter bones than dogs, so they have a better power-to-weight ratio for jumping.


We're often woken by them being in our garden ...there can be 3 or sometimes 4 of them. Very noisy!

Our cat runs after them ! (and squirrels run after her !)

That made me laugh :D Thank you...

It’s the fox mating season Maddy.  Gonna get noisier before it gets better!

Didn't Tenessee Williams have a play, 'Hot Vixen on a Cold Tin  Roof', or some such title, later with Taylor (not Claire) and Newman on screen? Hope the Umfreville Road mating is more successful, Maddy. 

It might be helpful to know where everyone lives - in other words are we all seeing them in the same area. I have a resident (sort of) fox that lives behind my shed. I live on Langham Road, the West Green Road end.

I think they're everywhere Heather.  I’m on The Ladder and we swarm with them.  Have to admit to being rather fond of them despite the havoc the cause in my garden (this handsome couple in my garden a few years ago)

Could be the same rather bold young fox who has been pestering me in my garden of an evening, and who tried to run past me into the open conservatory door.  Richard swears by peeing in our garden to keep the foxes away and it seems to have worked.  I personally prefer it if he pees in a watering can and then waters the garden with it, but hey ho!  I'm sure he'd be happy to pop over and "man scent" your roof if you wanted him to!  Might turn a few heads on a passing overground train!

Actually since I posted I haven't seen or heard from them - they must have finished mating. (Bit chilly to do it at this time of year!)

Something was digging under my compost bin, possibly also the foxes, but I have barricaded it better and that has also stopped.

No, they're hanging out on Woollaston Rd, full on shagtastic foxiness until about 11pm. We have humans having drugs, foxes having sex and someone tunnelling out of Stalag-13.

I have managed to acquire 2 very large fox dens in the bottom of my garden over the last 9months. I never see them, but often get woken by their howling, until my little cat goes out to chase them away, whilst her big brother hides under my bed until it’s gone quiet



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