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happening today at Alexandra Palace and hosted by our own LONDON BOROUGH OF HARINGEY, eg,

Opening Address
Cllr Joseph Ejiofor
, Leader of the Council, Haringey Council 

Welcome to Haringey
Zina Etheridge, Chief Executive, London Borough of Haringey

"Zina Etheridge insists that all Haringey's Traffic Officers are committed to the shift to active travel agenda"

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the farkin irony

…..are committed to the shift to active travel agenda"

Any idea what this means ???

Anything but cars, in a phrase.

Walking and cycling are manifestly physically active.  Using public transport is also part of it (an active choice vs one's car) as being overall less polluting per person than a car with a single occupant.

Much much more info here.

They should do a day-trip to Wightman :)

I'd like HAringey to fix the £$%^&@£@ paveemnts so they aren't a trip hazard to pedestrians.

I like teh Council to maintain the ()*&^$%£ public realm to good acceptable standards.

THsi is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE and you do not need to attend conference like Living Streets to have a idea of what is really needed in the east of the &*^&^&$£+ Borough.

It’s time Haringey Council stopped prioritising the huge volume of traffic passing through from other boroughs at the expense of the health of their own residents. It’s utterly absurd. The vast majority of the Ladder residents want Wightman Road filtered. The council should prioritise serving its constituents whose health is suffering, alongside illegal amounts of pollution. I don’t understand why residents aren’t getting more angry about this situation. Haringey makes all the right noises but its record on promoting healthy lifestyles and cleaner, less polluted streets are years behind other boroughs. They’ve declared a “climate emergency” but it seems this is just lip service. Close Wightman. Restrict traffic. Do it now. Ladder roads should be for residents, not for the time convenience of people passing through the borough who deliver us no benefit but are shortening our life expectancy. 

Exactly. But I don't think we'll get change until there is a change of personnel in the Council, in the embedded employees at London Borough of Haringey Sustainable Transport. Other boroughs are doing some good things. Haringey 



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