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In 2019 TfL opened two new lifts at Finsbury Park station. The lifts provide step-free access to the Piccadilly and Victoria lines as well as to platforms in the Network Rail (NR) station.

Two new lifts have opened on platforms 3/4 and 7/8, meaning all platforms now have step-free access.

Apparently the lift that goes up to platforms 5 & 6 travels directly between the Underground platforms level and the mainline level. The others do not and passengers need to change lift at street level.

Local TfL staff I spoke to are uncertain about whether all lifts will eventually offer a direct connection, or whether none will. I assume this relates to ticket management.

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If you go up the stairs to platform 1&2 the lift is behind you at the foot of the stairs. It's on the opposite side of the corridor to the other lifts.

But there are still stairs to get up!

It hits all three levels 

That's true, but only a few. The trouble with so many of our stations is that they weren't planned as integrated stations in the first place - they came together piecemeal as the various lines were developed - often by rival companies who weren't that interested in making it easy to cross to a rival company's services. However, with a station like Finsbury Park, with cross-platform interchanges both below and above ground, there has to be an intermediate level to allow for all possible connections. If the station were being built from scratch now, there would be lifts and escalators linking all platforms with one intermediate level only, rather than the two intermediate passageways we have inherited.

Just to update this thread, here is the official diagram showing all of the lifts, as currently displayed inside the lifts.

Note that only one of them manages to go the full distance between the underground at the bottom & national rail at the top



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