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I see some pros as well as the obvious cons but felt this feedback was telling.

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Rory, just a quick point. What democracy?? I don’t remember a vote on the issue.

I do remember a commonplace consultation where (I believe,  but could be wrong) something like 700 comments were registered out of a population (St Anne’s) of 14000. Granted, a ‘no comment’ could be construed as approval, but a vote it wasn’t. I also don’t remember the LTNs being in the last council manifesto but I might be wrong, I often am.  
As I’ve said on other threads, I hate the LTNs but I'm with Cnut, ‘the tide has turned’ so get off the beach. Car ownership for what ever reason in St Anne’s is now abhorrent, and as the council has informed us - we’re all to fat and lardy so start walking and leave the roads clear so the Mercians and Anglians can use the main roads un impeded. 

The democracy bit was the local elections and landslide for the party that has been talking about quieter neighbourhood schemes and prioritising walking and cycling in Council plans and policies for years. Commonplace is all very well but there is literally nothing stopping a person who lives miles away filling it in with rabid comments on other side simply by ticking a box marked Bounds Green business owner or whatever. 

Then I stand corrected,  it was a landslide vote and must have been in the council manifesto.

The council has a legal obligation to improve the air quality of its residents, Andy. A manifesto or vote are actually pretty moot, to be honest. We’ve been round and round this issue a million times on this forum. There is an air quality crisis in London and an environmental catastrophe going on in front of our eyes. Fewer cars on the roads mitigates both of these things. Being pro pollution and pro environmental catastrophe I still find to be a very, very strange position. 

I find it rather presumptuous that you seem to have labelled me Pro either of those two things. 
But there we go. 
I stated that I’m with Cnut !! The tide has turned (re cars) and I’m getting off the beach. The field or beach is all yours . Do with it what you will.
I won’t and haven’t responded to the current council feed back as I don’t see the point and don’t want to undermine your Project. The tweaks that have been proposed I don’t see working they would just lead to more confusion, so it is what we have.
I believe that the proposed council plans are to roll out LTNs across the borough -so just get on with it . Why are you/them waiting and not following the lead from Hackney.
I’m generally into shared experience and look forward to the ladder roads being cut in half and the rest of borough following.

I wasn’t aware (which I think is implied) that I needed to jump up and down in celebration with you, at having my road turned into a culdesac , But as that seems to be what you require I’ll join the Haringey culdesac for all campaign. Let’s ‘get it done’ !! To coin a recent election chant.

Finally, I’m hoping the ULEZ extension is pushed though and implemented, it’s the only sensible thing anyone has suggested to make the Mercians and Anglians pay for polluting my back yard. And trust me, I’d make them pay punitive fees for even thinking about driving through - £100 a day should just about do it. But you seem to be happy to allow them to carry on. Simply astounding! To my mind.
See! Its easy to accuse others of holding opinions they don’t isn’t it! 

Nope. No idea whatsoever what any of that meant. Have a great day!

Interesting comment Rory as the main roads around this area, St Anns Road from Green Lanes to the Tottenham High Road; Seven Sisters Road from the High Road through to Manor House; West Green Road and Phillip Lane again from the High Road to Green Lanes are still gridlocked at all times of the day from what I'm seeing so the problem has not lessoned at all for those in this area. I see this both driving and walking at various times of the day, weekdays and weekends.

It will be interesting to see the traffic data. It's rare I drive, and even rarer I drive at rush hour but in the past few months I haven't noticed the traffic being any normal from usual.

It's not true that these roads are gridlocked at all times of day. I walk or cycle along West Green Road or Philip Lane most days are they are very rarely gridlocked. Philip Lane is free flowing most mornings and I can get the bus from West Green to Tottenham Hale in about 10 minutes. If there was gridlock at all times that wouldn't be possible!

The fact that the council bothered to put signs out asking for feedback looks at least praiseworthy in itself, and a departure from their previous “never apologise, never explain” policy. It may suggest they’ve learnt just a little from the (apparent) avalanche of complaints, the abandoned council meeting, etc. Mind you, asking for comments doesn’t necessarily mean any notice will be taken, so it could just be window-dressing. 

So they shouldn’t have bothered then?

Michael — No, I’m not saying that! Of course the council should have bothered, and this is higher-profile than most of the previous “consultations” because it’s more publicly visible. I’d like to think they actually want to hear from residents, but my suspicion is that no notice will be taken of the comments, as the council’s previous track-record suggests that any views apart from those of councillors will be ignored or dismissed. In my experience, even direct contact via e-mail elicits no response (I’m still awaiting replies from Cllr Hakata and Anne Cunningham from months ago), so I’m not very optimistic about this exercise. 



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