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Who read all the recent emails from EON

Who has transferred it's accounts over to EON Next

Which needs a different password and has different phone contacts

Email states No difference. But they now want paying Monthly Not quarterly

Also you can not access old EON account

I have been paying for it on a paperless system. And did not print off Bills.

But based on on my last three monthly bills, I am paying monthly for around what I was paying Quarterly. With No change in use. Even went around pulling all plugs out of sockets on first bill

On line states you can get PDF bills, but was advised it as having issues

Would have thought as they have closed old account and payment times. Customers should have been give a chance to accept New Terms

State you can leave. But read comments on changes others are having difficulty changing

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Sounds like now is a good time to consider switching. 

Can I make a (nonaffiliated) recommendation for London Power? It's been set up by city hall in partnership with octopus energy. https://mylondonpower.com/

Sounds like the bills are based on estimated readings.  To give an accurate consumer reading [From E.On Next's website]:

How do I give a meter reading?

The quickest and easiest way to give us a meter reading is through your online account. You can also email us at hi@eonnext.com or call us on 0808 501 5200.

I used the phone number to pay my new E.ON Next bill today. A few minutes wait, through to a real person, account and credit card details quickly taken, and a payment confirmation email pronto. 

I still think that the way the changeover from E.ON to E.On Next was announced feels a bit underhand, but the new system has worked for me, perhaps because I don't use the direct debit payment process. I just need to give them a meter reading each month not each quarter from now on.

Bills was from readings I gave them

Found a old printed bill back in October 2019

Paid £65.25 for a Quarter

Was on EON Energy Plan 

Told I am now on EON Next Flex plan now

Re changing supplier, they state not between plan. But does not state length of Plan

No where in e-mails does it state when old plan expired or new plan started

Also was on Quarterly, but they state they now want it paid monthly

Issue as they have changed companies, my belief is they should have advised customers. Not state there will be No change, yet they are changing terms and conditions

Seems a lot of customers have be having words on line

You're on E.On's NextFlex tariff, you now say.

"E.ON NextFlex, our flexible tariff, where prices can go up or down with the wholesale market".

I've looked at wholesale electricity prices here, and the wholesale price has very nearly doubled in the past year. So that's mostly why you're paying more.

Perhaps, if you don't want to change supplier, there's a better-value E.ON Next tariff for you.

It sounds like you were on a fixed price, time-limited  tariff with the Energy Plan. After that expired you got put on to their flexible tariff, a standard practice for many suppliers. So, chances are that you're not on any deal right now. 

You could have been given 45 days notice of the end of your fixed tariff. If you didn't get any notice, speak to a consumer advice service.

Problems with EON Next here in Yorkshire.  EON took over from NPower and we now have EON Next with their flood of emails asking for meter readings and payment every month instead of quarterly.  My bill - usually around £40 a month - was £200 with an estimated annual usage of £2,000!  This even though I had sent a meter reading as usual.  They did correct it after I wrote to them.  But if they are capable of nonsense like this, what else are they doing?

I am also inundated with emails telling me they are ready to install my smart meter.  I have written and rung asking for these to stop and that I will not accept a smart meter.  Their representative told me she has removed my name from the smart meter list but is unable to stop the rubbish by email and paper mail.  

Some neighbours have switched to Octopus though I gather they too want monthly payments.  What is happening?

Seems All suppliers want you to sign a Bank payment system these days

Charging more per month than Quarterly Bills

Feel real sorry for many families trying to find these monthly payments

I do not want a Smart meter. As aware they are not always correct

Brought a Selfie stick so that I can record my meter readings. As meter is behind front door. To save keep climbing up steps to read meter 



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