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I was doing some vague research about how to apply to close your street for an event. I don’t have any actual plans, but I thought I’d take a look at what’s involved.

It turns out that (obviously) certain roads can’t be closed, including  main roads, bus routes, bus diversion routes, blue routes for emergency vehicles and roads experiencing roadworks. What I can’t determine is how to find out if my road (or any road!) is a blue route. Google did not help me when searching for ‘blue route’ or ‘emergency route’, nor did the council website.

Any ideas anyone? 

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Strange - the term Blue Route doesn't seem to be identified but I suspect if you live on one you'll know what it is.  I was involved in the Inderwick Road Street parties for many years (although they now seem to have ceased - shame!).  If you apply to have the street closed and as far as you are aware it is a normal street, no emergency routes (barriers across the road that are opened for emergency vehicles?) I guess they will accept the application.  They will tell you that you must buy your own signage, road closed etc, demand that you get the signed acceptance by more than 50% of the local residents, that you have public liability insurance of a set amount and generally put a lot of barriers in the way.  When we first applied in 2001 the person responsible thought it was a great idea and gave permission over the phone.  Every year since then more and more restrictions.  By 2011 I was glad to hand the responsibility over to a new street party committee. You'll certainly need to get some like-minded neighbours on board but despite my comments organising one is great fun and there is a great sense of satisfaction at the ned of the day relaxing with a glass of wine when it is all over.

That’s what we thought on Warham Road last year when we applied to close the road for 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon to host a play street.  After doing all the work and canvassing signatures in support from every property in the street we were told that our residential road is of strategic traffic importance and would not be allowed to close.  We had consulted the list of unsuitable streets before we started out, as well as speaking to the service that promotes play streets, and Warham wasn’t on the list (still isn’t- see link below) and we were sent all the materials to make the application.  Since turning down our application Haringey have added the following catch all provisions

This is not an exhaustive list and other streets may be considered unsuitable for Play Street closures in the following circumstances:
- Roads that are designated as Traffic Sensitive, for reasons other than Winter maintenance
- Roads that do not have a viable diversion route
- Roads where the diversion route will significantly increase traffic volume on TLRN, SRN, Principal Roads, Classified Roads or Bus Routes
- Roads that are adjoining a TLRN, SRN or Principal Road.
- Roads where a Play Street closure would conflict with other activities or have a detrimental effect on the operation of the road network.




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