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Just came out of the house to find someone rifling thru our dustbins - confronted the guy who was apologetic and said he was homeless. He went away with a christmas decoration he had hooked out of our rubbish. Has this happened to anyone else and should we be worried?

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This happens all the time in my street but these are people looking for things to sell. Although I’m not too bothered if they take what I throw away what’s annoying is the mess they make. Come what may anyone taking anything out of your front garden without your consent is actually stealing in law

They are entering your property.  Their actions are to say the least intimidating.  It is not your responsibility to guess whether their motives are good or bad.  Surely they are breaking the law.  Why isn't this an arrestable offence?

Just make sure any personal documents are shredded before yu put them in your bin.

Take it you missed the TV report a couple of years ago.

When several workers at a recycling firm was convicted of taking home shredded documents and sticking them together . Report stated they was ex Eastern European ex government workers

Report stated they got away with a fortune over years of operations. As much was Commercial waste

As Stated before I have a Garden rubbish burner in back garden. Where All such Documents help burn off weeds

Yes, I missed that report, and find it hard to believe. They got away with a fortune by retrieving peoples' receipts and envelopes? Must learn that trick. But they probably deserved it for sticking back strips of paper together. But the fact that they were Eastern European of course explains everything.

What's that supposed to mean?

100% buy a shredder.

I was told by a neighbour, here in Tottenham, early in the morning, a woman comes into our front garden and rummages through our bins. Unfortunately, I'm never up early enough to catch her. But I guess here, its a way of life with large items being left on the roads and before you know it, they've gone and large white vans that are constantly circling your roads.

Maggie,  Can I please suggest you get as much information as possible from your neighbour (or other neighbours?). I know someone with a lot of experience with this and I'll ask them to post a reply to you.

Hi Alan

It's not that it's an issue, it's just here on my road, these things have gone for such a long time that you consider it to be normal, in the way people take their dogs out for walk and the amount of dodging and tip-toing on the pavements you have to do, so that you don't 'take' any dog mess into your home. We've been told that we can report it but I'm not sure if it's taken seriously. I've called the Police twice, once for finding a young boy going through the containers we keep in our garden and second, for finding a man (doing God knows what!) in the garden. I chased him off, followed him until he ran away then reported the matter to the Police. On both occasions after reporting the incidents, I never got any feedback. But I will speak to the neighbour again. Thanks for your help. 

This morning I saw someone in a Tottenham geen space fishing bottles out of the rubbish bins.

I am aware that Morrison's in Wood Green has a machine that gives you vouchers for returning plastic bottles. Could they have been collecting bottles to get vouchers to obtain groceries?


I have seen people with trolley loads of plastic Bottles queuing up to feed the machines

They have two. ( Wood Green )  Yes they get rewards points which are transferred onto Morrison Cards which gives Vouchers for goods

Also notice waste bins full of bottles machine rejects 

Aware Tesco's used to have similar machines 

Reminds me the time I cut my Hedge and put it in bin to dry and left the lid open .                          Only for a Fox to jump in and the lid closing .  What a racket as it tried to open lid and get out

As a Diabetic I do blood tests which is a blue needle ,                                                                     which is not capped and does not need to go in a needle box.                                                             As Rubbish is in a Secure Plastic Container / Bin , safe to just throw in rubbish.                                       They will cut skin if scrapped while going through rubbish 



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