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Just opposite Ducketts Common on Green Gate Common there is a large green tree with small orange/yellow fruits (see pic). Can anyone identify the tree and confirm if the fruit is edible or not?

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Looks like a ripening greengage to me.

Looks like your classic yellow plum? Not quite a green gage but same family = prunus domestic

The fruit looks like a mirabelle plum but I am not so sure that the leaves look quite right.

I wondered whether this was a cherry plum. Prunus cerasifera, apparently! They are quite small (a bit bigger than a cherry) and can be yellow or red. There are a lot around here, with quite a few just growing wild. Birds love them and they make nice jam.

I've included a picture from our garden - but on looking at it the leaves seem a bit different so perhaps this isn't what you've got.


Totally off topic, but rather hilariously, on googling found that cherry plum is a Dr Bach remedy (flower based potions that claim to help your mental state). Apparently it "...is one of the remedies that Dr Bach grouped together under the heading Fear. The Cherry Plum fear is very specific: it is the fear that one is going to lose control of oneself and do something dreadful, such as injuring others or harming oneself. Fears of going mad and of acting irrationally are Cherry Plum states."

Not sure what that means for those who like cherry plum jam.

Could it be a medlar? I have never seen one growing but you can buy them in the greengrocer shops in Crouch End, possibly late summer.

Everyone in Harringay and Haringey has probably seen medlars growing. They are frequently in front gardens as a small ornamental tree. But they tend to be a bit unhealthy-looking. With enough space and sun they grow tall and bear fruit. Provided you have enough bees; and if the birds don't eat everything.

Just wondering wethr the fruit can fit either  your hand or wether it is the size of a large marble. If the latter, it looks like a golden plum; the former could be a quince. Both edible. Mmnnnn

Regarding Medlars; The latin name for those is Eryobotrya ; the leaves have a very rough texture and are much longer and medlar fuit are orange.

Lucy whatling

I think that's an ornamental plum. Not great eating but I've made clafoutis and wine from them. Try opening one up and see if there's a biggish central hard stone which will look like any other member of the plum family. Leaves look like plum leaves too.

I really don't think this is quince (they look like apple trees) or persimmon.

Oh and definitely not a medlar, they are ugly buggers and much darker green.



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