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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Almost every night, normally around 2-3am over where I live.


There is no way any criminals needs chasing around on such regular basis around the same time middle of the night and I thought there were some rules about "exercises" for Police helicopters so why????

Anyone knows?

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Aha! That explains why the brat crept into our bed about that time :)

Aware the Police Helicopter was hovering around West Green road area from 1250am Saturday

As could see the lights

Wish Met Police would get portable drone helicopters much quieter and gives the same effect

As also mention , the London Ait Ambulance visits Haringey more times than any other London Borough

That has a higher pitch and less thundery that Police one

It’s back ffs

Sooo annoying 

What's going on? I was trying to sleep. It goes away, think it's over, then back again. I'd like to know what they are looking for/at... 

It's maddening, coming and going and no idea why. Street looks quiet, can't hear police cars etc. 

It's OK, it was just a murdered child.

Police report yesterday was that four youths on bicycles attacked a lone young man and he is now dead.

They cycled off towards Clyde Road. Perhaps the best way to see clues is from the air?

So very sad to hear about that young man being murdered. I take back my complaints. Someone lost their life and the police were trying to find his murderers. 

There was a stabbing in Tottenham on Sunday night. I'm guessing that's not the one that you mean as that was a 25 year old. Was there another one after that? How horrible :(

Both incidents are truly awful and obviously it is of the utmost importance for the police to catch the killers. However, I don’t understand why in this age of cheap, quiet, nifty electric drones they have to use a in insanely loud helicopter that runs on fossil fuels and costs as much to run as 230 police cars

A drone wouldn’t be able to carry the weight or power a Nightsun searchlight and the infrared detection devices that can pick up the heat from someone concealed in undergrowth.

Yes !!



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