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Don't Forget - Wightman Road Closed for 5 months from Next Tuesday (29th March)

In case it's escaped your notice or slipped your mind, Wightman Road will be closed to through traffic for five months starting next Tuesday 29th March.

This will be a significant dislocation to North London traffic movement. So much so that warning notices have been placed as far away as Archway. No doubt it will also have a significant impact on Harringay's traffic.

However, there really is no alternative to at least partial road closure. The railway bridge between Alroy and Wightman roads is being replaced and there will simply be no road for a few months!

One option the Council could have taken would have been to simply reroute the traffic via the Ladder rung roads. It is to their credit, however, they recognised that with over 16,000  vehicles a day using Wightman Road, this would have placed an intolerable burden on our narrow residential roads, already beset by undue traffic volumes.

After consultation with residents, the solution decided upon is to place blocks at regular intervals along Wightman Road, in effect creating clusters of two or three rung roads. Whilst this will retain unfettered access for residents. it will render the whole Ladder, including Wightman, useless as a rat run. You can clearly see the details on the full size pdf map attached below.

Quite what it will mean for traffic in Harringay, Haringey and further afield remains to be seen. Those of us who have been working with the Council on this very much hope that traffic will quickly find other routes. It's fair to say, however, that at very best, we're going to experience some very heavy congestion on Green Lanes for a month or so. 

At the same time, the Harringay traffic study will continue. The coincident timing of this piece of work with the bridge closure may be fortunate in that it will give the consultants an opportunity to study the outcome of diverting traffic away from Harringay. 

A pdf copy of the Wightman Road closure is attached, along with some Council-produced documentation. You can stay up to date with what's happening on the Wightman Road closure on a dedicated page on the council website here.

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Today there was no one. No noise. No one on the scaffolding. Upsetting to see given the disruption caused. No wonder it takes 5 months....

Attached is the first brief weekly Wightman briefing form the Council.


Thanks Hugh


And no panic.

Traffic backing up from Crouch End clock tower to at least junction with Hornsey former pumping station & Hornsey church

I was stuck in worse traffic on this road last Thursday before the closure of Wightman

Tonight at 7pm a fire engine tried to get through the traffic, followed by a police car . The fire engine couldn't get through and decided to turn back up Tottenham lane ! To go where who knows as the only other way round is over the bridge Near Finsbury Park , which is also closed . Let's hope no one on the ladder has a fire or us in need of an ambulance because it's at least a 40 min wait while it ploughs through traffic !
Every night this week I've seen either a police car or ambulance trying to get through in the evening traffic jam.
Also thought what a perfect opportunity it is for criminals who will soon realise that the police can't get through in that area allowing them plenty of time to get away , expect crime to go up perhaps ?
So 35 minutes from manor house to Hewitt.

I'm unashamedly smug about being able to cycle the length of Wightman without the usual intimidation and aggression. However I noticed this evening that pedestrians still have to deal with only having half a pavement because of the cars still parked on them. Bit of a bum deal.

Seeing as there's so little other traffic between now and Sept wouldn't it be a good idea if cars were parked on the road, where they're supposed to be? I appreciate that owners can't suddenly start doing this because they'll be ticketed immediately, but the council should be able to make it temporarily official.

Ian, I've never been sure how the regulation on Wightman Rod works. Is it that you CAN park on the pavement or that you MUST park on the pavement?
Well parking spaces are within the boundaries of the lines of the space....you can't park outside the white lines so that means you must park on the pavement....unless you're a motorbike



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