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Don't Forget - Wightman Road Closed for 5 months from Next Tuesday (29th March)

In case it's escaped your notice or slipped your mind, Wightman Road will be closed to through traffic for five months starting next Tuesday 29th March.

This will be a significant dislocation to North London traffic movement. So much so that warning notices have been placed as far away as Archway. No doubt it will also have a significant impact on Harringay's traffic.

However, there really is no alternative to at least partial road closure. The railway bridge between Alroy and Wightman roads is being replaced and there will simply be no road for a few months!

One option the Council could have taken would have been to simply reroute the traffic via the Ladder rung roads. It is to their credit, however, they recognised that with over 16,000  vehicles a day using Wightman Road, this would have placed an intolerable burden on our narrow residential roads, already beset by undue traffic volumes.

After consultation with residents, the solution decided upon is to place blocks at regular intervals along Wightman Road, in effect creating clusters of two or three rung roads. Whilst this will retain unfettered access for residents. it will render the whole Ladder, including Wightman, useless as a rat run. You can clearly see the details on the full size pdf map attached below.

Quite what it will mean for traffic in Harringay, Haringey and further afield remains to be seen. Those of us who have been working with the Council on this very much hope that traffic will quickly find other routes. It's fair to say, however, that at very best, we're going to experience some very heavy congestion on Green Lanes for a month or so. 

At the same time, the Harringay traffic study will continue. The coincident timing of this piece of work with the bridge closure may be fortunate in that it will give the consultants an opportunity to study the outcome of diverting traffic away from Harringay. 

A pdf copy of the Wightman Road closure is attached, along with some Council-produced documentation. You can stay up to date with what's happening on the Wightman Road closure on a dedicated page on the council website here.

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Just took my dogs down to Finsbury Park on foot - loads of cyclists shot past at high speed on the way over the bridge (despite the DISMOUNT sign), scaring the crap out of the dogs and nearly coming a cropper in their leads. Then a white van man fully of sitting-in-a-massive-queue fury had a road rage incident with my husband at the zebra crossing (who to be fair is quite irritating but doesn't deserve threats of violence when trying to cross the road) . The cherry on the cake was the moped rider who shouted at me for most of the length of the bridge on the way back after I had the temerity to tell him not to ride over it (and round/over me and the dogs) on his motorbike ("you're not the police"). I've never had any issues of this kind in 5+ years. WTF?!

I had a motorbike whiz past me on the bridge and I was pushing my young baby, I had to get out of his way. The workmen shook their heads as if it's been happening all day

We walked up to Crouch End today and there's no road closure between Duckett and Cavendish. I thought from the map that there would be. A few cars passed us and turned down Burgoyne road. There were bollards just before the pedestrian crossing though I think.

Map at top of this discussion is wrong. Barrier is between Cavendish and Burgoyne as per original info. from public meeting. The barrier has been wrongly placed due to parked cars and this had resulted in drivers going onto the footway because they can.

I'm sorry that happened to you Georgina, it must've been really scary. It's steep so people can't see what they're driving into, which is exactly why it's selfish and irresponsible to do so.

Motorbikes have absolutely no excuse for this....they don't get stuck in traffic

I'm not convinced the cyclists have an excuse either - it doesn't take much to get off and push your bike for a short distance when you have to share a narrow walkway that you can't see all the way across with pedestrians. Particularly when you're benefitting from a lovely clear run up the rest of Wightman (which must be pure joy). The people who came past me were mostly women and all old enough to know better, so not your typical naughty cyclist. It probably seems like nothing to them but why should dogs and small children have to bear the brunt of their learning curve? Being sorry afterwards is no use to anyone.

Junction of Umfreville Road and Wightman Road needs to be adressed, saw two cars drive through on the path this evening

I took a 29 bus back to Harringay from south before 9-ish this evening.  I thought I might have to walk from Finsbury Park judging by the comments on here . . . but in fact it was it was fine. The road was clear up until Sainsburys and was then slow (as usual) .

Is there a bit of hysteria on here perhaps?

try any bus from around mid-day to 7pm...i dont think you'd call it hysteria but frustration 

Yes I did just that. 141 going East at 1pm yesterday. A bit of a snarl up at the Arena (plus ça change) but waiting was probably less than 5 minutes at that point. I've known it slower on a 'normal' night at 8pm. Traffic was flowing and there was less panicky driving from car owners.

Around 6.30pm yesterday Endymion Rd looked horrendous but there was no build up on Green Lanes going north up the side of Finsbury Park. But that bit only tends to get bad when a lot of people want to get to the Arena shops so the weekend will be the moment to avoid.



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