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On my trundle to South Harringay schools with the kids, the amount of uncleared dog poo is becoming noticeable. I was told by a Veolia manager that reported dog poo would be cleared "within a matter of hours" so let's keep at them to keep their pledges.

I've reported it via this page here. If you've got time please also put in a report of all uncleared dog poo near you. Perhaps if we 'flood' Veolia and the council with reports we can get the issue placed nearer the top of their "things to do" list. 


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Liz. Thanks for this, it is something that gets my goat- I expect I am not alone. The difficulty is remembering where this link is- I have book marked it but may even forget I have done this. I was about to ask if this can be added to the "One Button Council Contact" links on the bottom right of the HOL page? But I realised after the event it already is- its the same as the "Street Cleaning" link. Doh!



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