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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

There's lots of chatter on Turkish Twitter streams and blogs about a new Banksy in Harringay. Apparently it's supposed to represent the "Erdogan clan running off with the money". So is it a Banksy or isn't it? I can't see it on his website.

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I doubt it, but pretty cool.

what is it referencing ? Looks like Prince William cleaning up after a crook ?
According to my partner who is pretty good at Banksys.....it's not one. It's a very good copy but if you look at his work his fAces are not his detailed
Yeah its not banksy, I don't think, the intention is not obvious or funny.

It's better executed than banksy tends to chose to do though.

Banksy likes to keep his feat on the floor also.
While I understand the bit about Erdogan running off with the money, why is it being picked up by Brian Eno, circa 1978?

"Turkish Banksy" would be a good tagline for this.

At least can assume Network Rail will not be hacking it out of the wall of the bridge to auction as part of their contribution to bringing down the national debt!

Not hacked out, but @parkali tells us it's been paired over during the night.

Yes, I noticed this morning, it looks as though someone has thrown white paint all over it.

Shame it looks a right mess now, as the paint is all over the pavement too!

I guess this is the price we're paying for being the canvas for a political struggle elsewhere in the world.

You clearly need to read HoL more then, Pav!



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