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Could you spare 3 minutes to answer a few questions about your experience of living in Harringay? I'm an A level student and Harringay resident and this anonymous survey will support my Geography coursework. It will investigate whether gentrification has impacted our local area and its residents. Due to COVID 19 it's not possible to conduct the survey in person, so I would very much appreciate your help. I will publish the results on Harringay Online. Thank you.

Click here for questionnaire

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Done. In a sentence: no, and isn’t gentrifying fast enough. It would help if you could clarify the 1-10 scale such that the values are clear but my take was 1 was low/no 10 was high/yes.

Thank you very much, I have amended it so hopefully it is clearer.

Completed, all the best with your studies

Done, thank you and good luck.

Done. Good luck! 

Done! Good luck with your analysis. Good survey as others have said - a challenge you’ll face is interpreting your measures of change by how long people have lived in the area. 

Done. Good luck Ruby.

Nicely put together - well done :)

Done - best of luck Ruby

Hi Ruby, I would like to do the survey, but can't get it to scroll down.


Hi Cathy, sorry to hear you’re having a problem. I just checked the site and it seems to be working fine now, perhaps a glitch. Would you mind trying again by pressing ‘click here for questionnaire’ above the screenshot image in the post. Thank you 

Thanks Ruby, I've done it now.



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