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Just before Christmas, the door of our Samsung washing machine refused to open because the little lever that releases the door latch had snapped.

I found a fine video explaining how to open the door in these circumstances;  see


Separately, I found a video by an obliging Australian showing exactly how to dismantle the door and fit a new lever:  see 


Messrs Parts Centre sold me a "Samsung Washing Machine Door Handle" online for £4.49 and the thing was sent for a further £3.99.  It arrived on 28th.  On 30th, it took about 30 minutes to do the deed using only a Phillips No 2 screwdriver and needle nosed pliers.  The picture shows the broken part still in place.

Let's hope 2023 proves to be just as easy.

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Excellent Dick, I do as many domestic repairs as I can. A vintage Pioneer record deck I recovered from my late mother's house was spinning at 24 RPM instead of 33. Discovering it was a jammed spindle I found a spare one for £2.49 on Ebay, job done.


Love it. I want to get along to the fix it events that folks like Chris Setz hosts in the Broadwater Farm Community Centre Cafe from time to time, and take all the fiddly things that I refuse to throw away as they can be fixed, but for lack of knowledge and kit.  

Thanks Justin - it's every other Saturday each month, either at the Hub in Lordship Rec or the Community Centre in Broadwater Farm - we're in our ninth month and expect to continue until nobody needs any more help getting things fixed :)

Here below is the latest list of things we're helping each other fix tomorrow (Sat 7th Jan) at Lordship Hub from 12:30 - free but please book so we know what's being brought in (HaringeyFixers.org) - people bring what they can carry, so no washing machines (two humidifiers though).

We spend a lot of time searching the interwebs as you're usually not alone  - people have faced most issues before.

If anyone can lend a hand we'd be grateful. If you have some sewing you'd like a hand with, some of us will be there with a sewing machine or two and some sewing\darning skills to help.
1.Pure DAB entertainment centre. Radio works but it stopped playing CDs
2.Roku Soundbridge. burnt out diode
3.Dyson hand held. Not working properly
4.Amcor Dehumidifier DESD8 L- shows humidity reading and blows air but dehumidifier doesn’t kick in.
5.Holey M&S jumper. Holey cashmere jumpers! Looking for help with darning
6.Table lamp - switch and/or bulb holder does not work.
7.Devola dehumidifier. 20L compressor. It stops working after a few minutes and displays the error code C1.
8.Philips Lumie Alarm clock. I dropped it on the floor and now it doesn't work properly. I have tried changing the light bulb but it still wont light up gradually anymore which is the point of the product.
9.Lampshade broken (soldering job I think) and only working intermittently (loose connection?)
10.Holey Jumper
11.Gaggia Classic, model from 2006. I had issues with leaking and I have tried to dismount the boiler to clean it. Due to limescale / leaks, some components are stuck (and a couple of bolts/nuts are stripped); I would really appreciate some help to disassemble it.
12.Some speakers that need repair
13. Breville Lustra 4-slice toaster. The racks in one of the slots have become loose & warped.
If you can mend these or want to learn by 'shadowing' a repairer, please book a free 'volunteer' or observer' ticket and come on down 🙂



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