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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Apparently this Sustrans movement is coming to haringey in a borough wide initiative.

Anyone heard anything?

Would love it if they came to the ladder.

here's a project film from Clapton Terrace

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I guess this must have just hit the wires. One of the original Ning guys (from the days when using Ning was almost like having a personal valet just sent me this:

"Hi Hugh! I hope all's well, it's been a long time. I was reading one of my favorite blogs — streetsblog.org — and I was surprised to see a London neighborhood I knew in the news! Check out the post: Londons do it- yourself approach to safer streets
Pretty cool — and cheers to the neighborhood.
- Evan
Ning Product Manager"

But he seems to have the same sources as you. so I guess it doesn't get us any further. But it sounds very promising. I was going to get in touch - unless you want to Dan?
Go ahead Hugh. But intrigued to see their plans. And how and where they intend to implement. But was thinking about how if we had to make a case for Ladder consultation, be happy to get involved in that.
Dass da one!
Just getting ahead of myself and looking past the consultations and pilot schemes etc to throw a project idea into the ring - I've had agreement for Making the Difference funding this year for 'community herb containers' (does what it says on the tin - herb beds instead of flower beds available to all) at the corner of Ferme Park and Mountview Roads. The containers will be built because there is no current flower bed but perhaps some of the existing flower beds half way each of the ladder roads could be used in a similar way? I got the idea from looking at the Incredible Edible Todmorden site - http://www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk/ which is all about growing food for free in public and private spaces.
What a good idea! Herbs have nice flowers too.
I think that West Green Residents Association are involved in one of the Haringey pilots. Anyone from WGRA on HOL who can comment?

Okay, by the miracle of Twitter, I've found the blog for the project DIY Streets Turnpike Lane Neighbourhood and you can follow Ben Addy (DIYturnpikelane) on Twitter

My name is Ben Addy and I am project officer with the sustainable transport charity Sustrans. I am responsible for project managing the DIY Streets initiative in the Turnpike Lane neighbourhood - Mannock, Downhills Park (west of Belmont), Langham, Carlingford, Graham, Stanmore, Crescent, and Waldeck Roads - and we are at the beginning of a two year process. The project aims to primarily tackle the problems of speeding traffic and rat running - however, many other issues can be potentially addressed within the process. We have had our first introduction to the project on the 24th July on the green space at Graham Rd. Our next event is a site visit to the Linden Road and Waltheof Ave home zones on the morning of saturday 21st August (please email me if you would like to attend - ben.addy@sustrans.org.uk). We will be holding many more events, design consultancies, and drop in sessions over the coming months. For more information please visit - www.diyturnpikelane.wordpress.com


Hi Ben, thanks for joining us and letting us know what is happening.
The green space at Graham Rd and its surrounds is an ideal area for a Home Zone. Ready made almost, with little in the way of through traffic.
It is a nice spot - but it is underused and, at times, a little neglected. The neighbourhood - in general - has beautiful trees and there is the opportunity for greening the area further. An important aspect of the project is to treat the neighbourhood as a whole and have continuity of design, planting, and feel throughout - thereby creating a further sense of community from street to street.
Ben, will the Turnpike Lane project be just your first project in Haringey or will others be coming on stream? Can you tell us how the areas for focus are selected?



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