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Ted Willis in the Armchair Theatre studio with John Moxey. 1959.


Thanks to Geoff Dent's contribution of a picture of his Harringay / West Green based father at school in the 1920's, I've learned of another son of West Green / Harringay.

In his message to me Geoff added the following:


As a point of interest, dad's school mate is probably in the picture. His name was Ted Willis - "Evening all".


Having done some checking I can confirm that indeed dramatist Ted Willis was born in Stanley Road, right on what I think of as the border between Harringay and West Green. Amongst Willis's best know work was the much loved Dixon of Dock Green.


Can anyone spot Willis in Geoff's photo?


Good night all.......





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Every show began with Dixon stepping up to the camera and uttering those lines "evenin' all..." while touching his 'pisspot' helmet in a salute. And leaving on the words as you say "g'night all".

Talking Pictures TV (freeview 82) are showng all the surviving episodes, 7.20 pm on Saturdays....

Warner was a good actor, one of the few genuinely working-class ones at the time, but in the series' later years, Warner's character became ridiculed and the series no longer supported by the police since at 80 he was as you can see from the clip a bit past retirement age, and also the sentimentality of the later writing was eclipsed by more realistic police dramas.

Lord Ted was born at No 55 Stanley Road on Friday 13th January, 1918.  He lived in what he describes as the "upper" end of the road while my family strangely enough lived down the "lower (poorer) end".  I had an uncle living with his parents at No 43 while my Dad lived with his brothers, sister and mother at 12C, a young aunt lived at 12D with another old aunt living at No 11, so they were all known to each other but took different paths in life.

My Dad, uncle and young aunt were all just a couple of years older than Ted and all attended West Green School close by to Ted's house.  I have a book of his "Ted Willis, Whatever Happened to Tom Mix" which outlines his early life and in particular clarifies my memory of the awful old tenement block that my nan and Dad lived in.    So its existence is at least recorded in words if not pictures.

Just in case anyone is interested of course !

Thanks, John.



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