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Dismay at Priory Park as Haringey Council chop down entire tree hedge at tennis courts

The Friends of Priory Park have expressed their dismay as they discovered this morning that Haringey Council were in the process of chopping down the 40m long double tree hedge which divides the old bowling green from the West Tennis Courts, due for refurbishment.

The sign which was put up yesterday (according to the date) stated that there had been full engagement with Friends of Priory Park but the Friends dispute this.

In a statement sent to the parks forum, the vice-chair of the Friends said, 

"This is a reversal of what we had agreed with them.  The work we agreed was to remove 5m of inner tree line to allow safe access into the courts - completed on 17th January.
They informed us by email on Wednesday afternoon that they intended to remove the whole hedge. Before we had time to respond works had already begun this morning.  They did not inform us the works would start with such indecent haste.  Shame on Haringey Council: This is a scandalous way to treat our park and the Friends Group who represent it."

Hedges are hugely important for bird and insect life and are often used by small mammals like hedgehogs. They clean the air, capture carbon and help with soil integrity. With hedges in severe decline across the country, the removal of any hedges is to be deplored.

Image via Friends of Priory Park 

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Totally agree. This hatred of trees, often mature ones, seems countrywide. As you say it makes a mockery of the supposed green agenda. They say one thing and do the opposite. We are losing our greenery. Planting new ones, many of which won't last long, is not the same. Trees need protecting not destroying.  

We’ve had three tree removal letters for our street in recent weeks - but never mind, there’s a link to sponsor a tree if we want them replaced. At a cost of £200 - £300! What a bargain. 



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