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Dangerous driving on Ladder road(s), with Wightman Rd closure until Fri 27th

Many cars are driving illegally on Umfreville Rd this evening from Wightman down to Green Lanes disregarding the one-way signs.  I think Burgoyne Rd has long queues to join Green Lanes and some northbound drivers are thinking "soddit", any port in a storm. This may also be an issue on Cavendish and perhaps Mattison too if Duckett is similarly overloaded by southbound traffic..

Thames Water have a road closure for the next  *three* weeks immediately north of the Burgoyne Rd turning - this is not a short-term blip.

They are digging out and replacing yet another run of collapsed sewer piping, two members of their 'orange army' told me today.

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I had to get a taxi from Warham Road to the Royal Free this morning and the driver ended up having to do a U turn and head north.  Lots of other vehicles were doing the same. I don’t think it’s coming up on SatNavs.

The whole area is a nightmare. Traffic stuck everywhere, pollution is dreadful. In Crouch End there are more road closures, buses on diversion from Finsbury Park. From what l could see it’s all water works. Time for some joined up thinking!

I wondered why traffic was particularly terrible in the area atm. That explains it



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