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Has anyone among the group of people effected by Dan James' demise been able to make arrangements for repairs to be made or is it a case of talking to the administrators or just sucking it up?

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Try https://chat.whatsapp.com/CCdzOMO22Jj9gLTUyJWrTf which is the Tottenham Inteiors WhatsApp chat. Which has a lot of frustrated DJ customers. 

Has Dan James Loft Converters ceased trading? Or did he die?

The former. Dan (Verrier) and James (Barry) were the two principals. Insolvency process began last month.

Insolvency Process? How are they insolvent when they've been carrying out dozens of loft conversions in Haringey? Very strange!

This thread https://harringayonline.com/forum/topics/dan-james-construction-fee... starts  to report problems and slow progress some moths ago. It would appear the company gradually ran out of money, from reports here.

Insolvency notice on Companies House website, the insolvency practioners could tell you more...:

Basically, they weren't good businessmen and grew too quickly without having the necessary processes and management in place to scale their operations. Nice enough guys but very disorganised. 

What happens if you've been left with an unfinished loft conversion?

Well if you did the right thing and paid VAT you could join the queue of people with a claim on whatever assets are left in the business via the insolvency process and you might get some pennies on the pound. If you dodged the VAT and paid cash you're quite rightly on your own.

Either way, you're looking at paying someone else to finish the job.

That is my understanding too. I'm lucky to have only a few minor repairs. It's a different story for people without roofs (or heating) or with scaffolding and rubbish cluttering their front gardens.

I'd encourage people to register their claims with the involvency lawyers referenced above. I doubt that there is much meat on the carcass of Dan James but something is better than nothing.

I heard from one of their contractors they were undercharging and hadn't been paying their taxes.
Shame because everyone we spoke to who had used them rated their build quality (and price!).
We were all set to use them as well, so dodged that bullet luckily



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