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Building Control - Any experience of 'reversion' to council? Loft Conversion

Does anyone have any experience of 'reversion' of a building control application from a private Building Inspector company back to Haringey Council?  Or any views on the Council Building Control Process at all?

We, unfortunately, are one of the many people affected by the insolvency of Dan James Construction.   We have an L-Shaped loft conversion which was about 70% through the build before Dan James went out of business. 

I'm having real difficulty with the private Building Inspectors who are engaged for the job (Assent Building Control - aka 'Oculus') - and we're considering 'reverting'  the application back to the Council.   

I was just wondering whether anyone has experience of the reversion process, and how the council were when they picked up a job from a private Building Inspector.   I would also appreciate any view on how efficient/quick and pragmatic the council are generally - when compared to private Building Inspectors.   

I appreciate each job is specific - so it won't be conclusive by any means - but views would help us with our decision process.

For context, Assent seem like they want to wash their hands for our job, and are not engaging in any dialogue, which is hugely stressful.  For context, our loft is current fully plaster-boarded with floorboards laid.   However, no inspection of the work has been carried out to date (Dan James were arranging).   Assent have told us they will not speak with us or do anything on the job unless we rip-out all plaster-boards, flooring and insulation.   Having spoken to an architect and others in the building trade, they have advised that Assent's stance is unreasonable (suggesting that a limited exposure of structural works could be sufficient).  I've been quoted £7.5k just to do this work, so am desperate to avoid if we can.  I appreciate I may be clutching at straws, but certainly one avenue we're considering is reverting back to the council (or even looking for new private building inspectors).   

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Hi Ian. How incredibly grim for you, although glad you're at least watertight.

I can't help with the specific issue of reversion, but do have some experience with Council for Building Regs compliance. They were fine, really quite responsive and very open to discussion and came out promptly for site visits. They certainly have okayed things for is where access was limited.and we needed things passed after the event, as it were. I wouldn't hesitate to contact them tbh.

Try giving them a call. Best of luck. 

Thanks J - that's very helpful and much appreciated.

Have been reading all the threads about Dan James and am so sorry so many residents have been left in the lurch. I just wanted to reiterate what J said - we found the council building control dept to be really efficient during our renovation, appts were always quick to happen and the sign off painless. I'm sure if you explain the circumstances they can help. 

I'm so sorry, what an awful position to be in. And I know you're not alone from the other threads on here.

I have no experience of reversion. But we also used the Council building control and found they were efficient, came on time and when they said they would. I didn't book them though, our builders organised it all as part of our build.



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