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Hi all,

Is it just me or has Wightman Road now become an absolute death trap for us cyclists with the jutty out bits that enrage car drivers who swerve into us to avoid oncoming cars...?

Thinking a cycle track on part of pavement could be an answer... We don't take up as much space as a car parking half way across the pavement as it used to be...


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Having been away for nearly 3 weeks, and as a regular user of Wightman in a pedestrian capacity, I must say that it is a hell of a lot quieter than I remember it being. It may be due to the holiday season, but there is a lot less traffic, and the queues at the endymion road roundabout and the traffic lights are significantly - c. 30-50% shorter. I also note that drivers have to slow down a lot more and take a lot of care not to cause an accident - which is a real positive. Undoubtedly there will be a subset of idiots who become more dangerous as a result of the changes, but on balance, from a pedestrian's point of view it appears to be positive. 

A couple things that might improve it further are maybe some pedestrian crossings, which will hopefully slow down the traffic even further and discourage motorists from taking the road. Overall it's a blunt tool, but it seems to be working well. 

I agree. Now that the initial fuss has calmed and the work is mostly finished it actually seems broadly OK. Are they going to do anything with finishing the jutting out bits? At the moment, they are just massive weed beds. 

the only solution is dedicated cycle lanes. Bikes must be kept away from cars. As a driver and cyclist, I find Wightman Road a disaster. Traffic is slowed and queues created without positive result for cyclists. It is probably more dangerous for cyclists than before. And yes the roads are very quiet right now due to  holidays etc. The problem has not been solved.

Agree, still feel very nervous cycling on Wightman at the moment. Before, the worry was about cars behind you. Now you also need to worry about cars in front as they manoeuvre around the chicanes

We should all be on the bus/tube and then there wouldn't be the traffic or pollution problems.  Cycling is not the holy grail.

If you able it's a massive help however (but certainly part not all the solution):

Removes either:

  • Cars from the road, making more room for buses and lessening pollution
  • Reduces users of other public transport making more room for others.

Both are wins.

Some people don't have the luxury of being able to use public transport, others don't have the funds. Some face an impossible journey. Some need their vehicles to deliver their service or goods. Some use private hire vehicles because of practical challenges they face. Other than these oversights you are 100% correct.

In almost all cases a year’s worth of public transport travel cost is lower than owning a vehicle in London. Public transport is usually faster in central London than driving, thought it may not be the most comfortable form of travel. As far as trade and the such - no way around it. In my view the local government can’t do enough to tax, complicate and generally make more expensive the use of private vehicles within the M25. 

Cycling saves me money but will use the bus to work when needed and public transport is my main method to get around at weekends. It’s not a simple ether/or. Also if everyone used public transport the queues would be hellish

The tube is pretty overloaded as it stands. Things like Crossrail will ease it but we've seen the issues with that.

Moving private vehicle users to bikes is an easy win. No more congestion on stretched public transport and a lower volume of traffic.



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