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From HoL's mailbox this evening:

"Hello I'm sorry to email you both directly, but for safety reasons I'd rather not add this on the website direct with my name appearing next to it, but was hoping you could add something without featuring my name for the safety of pedestrians walking along Wightman Road bridge at the moment.

"My partner and I were walking along Wightman Road bridge earlier tonight towards Wood Green. A cyclist came up behind us and demanded we move. We chose to ignore him, said nothing and just carried on walking along the pavement. But then he turned nasty and threatened to hit me.

"When my partner turned to him and said that there was no need for threatening behaviour especially to a woman, the cyclist punched my partner to the ground and then hit me when I tried to intevene.

"Although on a bike, it was clear he was quite large (over six foot), was muscular, around late twenties - early thirties, dark curly hair, educated sounding London voice, and mixed race. This wasn't some young thug with growing pains, this was a grown man. We have given the police a full, detailed description.

"Please can you warn pedestrians on the site to be very careful walking along the bridge at the moment, and not just from violent cyclists, but from cyclists in general who are refusing to respect pedestrian safety and are ignoring the "cyclists dismount" signs at either end of the bridge.

"It is only a short distance to walk along the pavement which is very narrow, so why can't they just pop off their bikes?.

"I fear that the trolls will have a field day with me on this but it really isn't much to ask cyclists to observe pedestrian and their own safety.

"Some say it would have been polite to have just moved for the cyclist, but on a pavement it would have been more polite if the cyclist just respected our safety, and the law as he has no right to be riding on the pavement in the first place.

"Thank you both"

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That is really sad. I am a cyclist and it breaks my heart to hear stories like this by selfish people who give every cyclist a bad name I hope you are both ok but on behalf of all cyclists, most who would hopefully show you more curtesy, I can only say sorry! All I can say is some people are just angry. Sadly you were the ones he vented his spleen on.

As a cyclist I'm appalled at his actions,  I hope you and your husband have recovered.  Hopefully the  police will investigate this - outrageous behaviour


This is awful, sadly a sign of what society has come to. It's happening more frequently as people forget how to relate to each other respectfully in this day and age. Just this morning I had an elderly man march into me at Victoria station and shout "get out of the way you c**t". theres a lot of angry people out there with chips on their shoulders. I hope you are both ok.

Dreadful story, I hope you're both ok. And I hope he gets caught. 

How horrible, I hope you are both ok and feeling better today. I hope the police can find the man and thank you for the warning.

The guy was a violent and abusive thug.  No argument.  Hope he gets found and charged with GBH, which is what it was.  I get very cross when cyclists come up behind me (on canal paths or wherever) riding fast and expect me 1. to see them 2. to leap out of the way. They do NOT have right of way on pavements or canal tow paths or in parks.  Even on roads, just like other road users the watchword is courtesy to others, ring your bell to warn of your approach if pedestrians are ahead or crossing in front of you. Etc. 

I know there's now going to be a thousand replies from cyclists who've been badly treated by cars, lorries etc.  But, that is NOT an excuse for cyclists to abuse pedestrians. Or vice versa (my daughter once got punched off her bike by a male pedestrian on a canal tow path).

Yup tow paths - canal and River Lee make me think some cyclists who have been badly treated by motorists are working it out of their systems by taking it out on pedestrians ; )

Yes Betty I agree. My sister lives on a boat and her neighbour has been knocked down by a cyclist on the tow path and her dog was also killed by a cyclist.

I must admit I am not dismounting there but just resting off the saddle with my feet on the ground and taking the opportunity to catch my breath at pedestrian pace. I just don't see that there's enough room for a pedestrian in the other direction to pass me if I am standing alongside my bicycle and wheeling it.

I am appalled at what happened and interested to know if the police actually pursue this. At the end of last year I was headbutted by a motorist in crouch end, got his registration plate, place of work and name but the police said there was nothing they could do.

I disagree, I dismount each time and have had no issue passing pedestrians. There's a sign there and ignoring it just adds to the perception that cyclists do whatever they like.

It looks like those signs are advisory and unenforceable. Weirdly there is also guidance on the issuance of fixed penalty notices with regard to cycling on the footpath that are ambiguous in the case of the road being closed. It's also weird that you can drive on the footpath right up to that point on Wightman Rd, but you can't cycle.



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