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I noticed one of the items on the survey from the traffic workshop was:

Allow cycling along Harringay Passage

I was under the impression that it was already allowed. Certainly Google, Garmin and OSM all have it marked as a cycle route.

It's not technically a footway as it doesn't run alongside a road so I'm not sure exactly what the legal status of it would be, I guess it would be a footpath. There'd probably need to be a bye-law in place to prevent cycling.

Anyone know what the position is here?

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Footpaths are for feet. Get it reclassified as a Bridalway- and Horses, carriages and bikes are welcome.

Not necessarily, there is no offence of cycling on a footpath (not a footway, which is what most pavements by roads are) unless there is a bylaw or traffic order forbidding it.

Oh! , I do some off road riding using OS maps and have always avoided footpaths because of this.
So haven't cycled Offas dyke for example but have the South Downs way and Wessex way. This could open up a lot of routes for me .
Are you sure ??

I believe that cyclists can use bridleways but not footpaths. 

That's what I've always believed

If it's privately owned I think the landowner can set the conditions for the right of way so if cycling isn't permitted (which I think is generally the case for those type) they can tell you to leave.

The passage is a bit different with it not requiring a specific right of way.

I'm not advocating cycling down it, it's annoying for pedestrians and cyclists, I was just curious having seen that suggestion.

I wonder if whoever made the suggestion thought that if cycling was encouraged on the Passage, there would be less need to make dedicated provision for cyclists on Wightman and Green Lanes.

Whatever the case, the Passage is barely wide enough for people to walk two abreast, so it's definitely not suitable for shared cycle+pedestrian use.

I have occasionally cycled along the odd section for convenience, but, encountering a pedestrian, I've stopped to one side and made it obvious that it's their right of way.

Ditto. I also smile at cyclists who are being polite like that if I am pedestrianising (walking).

I hate it when I'm walking on footpaths anywhere (for example by the canals) and hear a peremptory 'ping' from a bike bell behind me, as if to say 'coming through, move aside please!'.

That's why I don't have a bell. I feel the same way.

Canals are interesting, it's a requirement to have a bell to cycle on them. I normally try and go with an Excuse Me though.



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