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Council officers recommend St Ann's and Bruce Grove LTNs get green light

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The Ladder roads are one way. So what's   the problem ?

The problem is that if (for example) a vehicle is making a delivery and is stopped to do it, traffic builds up behind it. If there is a rubbish truck doing a collection, cars behind it can be stuck for ages.

Where are you getting your information from? West Green Road and St Anns not busy? They are already busy imagine when like in my Road the only access will be through West Green Rd. As far as the ladder you telling me that when they start on consulting to close Wightman Rd that it will not increase traffic in these roads if they go ahead 

My information comes from my own observations, on the basis of having lived in the St Ann's area for 32 years. WestGreen Road is only busy at certain times of the day, and St Ann's Road is quiet most of the time. As for Wightman Road, and closing it off, I wasn't aware that was even at a consultation stage. In any case, Wightman Road runs North-South, so while the diversion of traffic from there might affect the other "leg" of the ladder, Green Lanes, the congestion there is already such that those unable to travel on Wightman Road would travel North-South via Tottenham High Road. So West Green Road, which runs East-West, is not affected by a displacement of North-South traffic.

Well I’ve lived in my road next to st Anns and west Green for 58 years and I suggest you contact Haringey who agree there will be increase in Traffic. As far as Wightman Road this was mentioned at the meeting and consultation will be started shortly

Contact Haringey Council?

and do you think they would get a reply?

The officers’ report for the Cabinet meeting specifically says that Green Lanes and West Green Road and other LTN boundary roads “are already close to capacity and would not be able to accommodate the increase in demand”. Even if a huge increase is a worst-case scenario these roads still cannot absorb any more vehicles. There is a pious hope that traffic will somehow be re-routed “further afield”, but no ideas as to where this might be. My bet is that traffic will end up on the Ladder and Wightman roads once all through routes to the east of Green Lanes are blocked by the series of LTNs running from Hermitage Road to Turnpike Lane (and some Ladder residents claim still to suffer from traffic displaced by the Gardens closures 15 years ago).

The big hole in the LTN scheme is the Council’s complete failure to produce a plan for Green Lanes, the source of the problem. “Through traffic”, by definition, is trying to get somewhere, and it’s GL’s impassability that sends it into back streets. Until Haringey, TfL and DfT collaborate to sort out GL, creating LTNs and hoping traffic will go somewhere else is tinkering at the edges, not solving a problem.

The availability of time-limited extra cash and unsupported assertions about “rat-running” appear to be drivers of the St Ann’s LTN, when even local councilors accept that low car usage means most streets are quiet enough for pedestrians to walk down the middle at almost any time of day. The two or three roads with major problems could be controlled with chicane barriers and cameras to enforce twice-daily flow control — no southbound traffic in the morning peak, no northbound traffic in the evening peak —just as other London boroughs already do.

As a non-driver, resident in St Ann’s for over 30 years, I relish the existing quiet streets, but as a bus user and pedestrian I also don’t want Green Lanes and West Green Road solidly blocked with stationary traffic forced there because there are no alternatives. I doubt Ladder residents are very keen on this either.

I agree with you about Green Lanes being the root cause of traffic problems in the Harringay area. My personal choice, which is probably too simplistic and drastic to be viable, would be to ban all traffic, excepting emergency vehicles, public transport, taxis, and disability vehicles, that is _through_ traffic. while retaining use for access; for the section from Turnpike Lane to Seven Sisters Road. Of course, the same would need to be done with Wightman Road. But the narrowness of both main north-south routes is a huge problem, and it is hard to see any solution that might be viable.

Never knock the simple solution. They often work. 

Taking into account the result of the consultation published, the result of Zoom meetings, the majority of people affected by the LTN provided as the council stated a negative response. To me Haringey council , just like they did with Black Boy Lane conduct consultations but don’t follow the result of the majority when not in their favour. I think it’s time to have new Cllr’s elected as this group of Cllr’s who vote through these changes are not representing the people they are supposed to represent

In a recent consultation (Feb. / Mar/ 2021) on whether a CPZ should be introduced int he North Hornsey area the results were: -

23.2% response to the consultation. Of these 52.9% voted against the introduction of a CPZ, 38.9% voted in favour. 

You would have thought that would be pretty clearcut. The majority voted against. Eight and a half months later Haringey Council are still prevaricating: it is obvious that they wish to introduce paid parking as they will then have a reliable, never-ending source of income. CPZs are the gift that keeps on - and on and on - giving. 

On an online Q and A regarding this issue only questions which were generally in favour of a CPZ were answered by the manager of the project leaving over 50 critical questions unanswered. So much for democracy.

Haringey has a history of consulting on changes which will affect local residents, ignoring the response and then going on to do what it planned to do all along. 

And the justification for the consultation? (Following an exact replica in 2017 / 2018) Haringey cited requests / issues with parking from how many local residents do you think? 



You guessed it - 2.

Local elections on 5 May 2022 - a date for your diary. 

Seems this was unanimously approved.



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