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Council allocates £145k of music festival income to new Finsbury Park 'skate plaza'

A new 'multi-use skate plaza' is planned for Finsbury Park. Funded with some of the £1.2m annual receipts of the controversial concerts programme, the 'plaza' will provide "new and inclusive skating opportunities for seasoned skaters and newcomers alike".

Apparently the new facility will, "feature moveable skate obstacles including kickers, manual pad, kerb and wallie rail, will also be suitable for other wheeled activities such as roller-skating, rollerblading and entry level cycling and skating."

The 'plaza' option was chosen over another option which would have improved and expanded the current skatepark facility. The council aim to open the new facility by spring 2024.

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Thanks for posting - do you know if it's being/been consulted on? Here's hoping it will be environmentally friendly instead of another slab of concrete in the park! The start date looks ambitious. 

I think the consultation is over. I missed it. I try and stay up-to-date with Haringey stuff, but they seem to be very selective about what gets broad and what narrowcast - either that or I just miss things!

They had a three-week consultation window on Commonplace that ended in 26th November. Apparently they've also worked 'in consultation with' the Friends of Finsbury Park. 

The consultation definitely happened  - skaters I know were involved so they got to the most interested demographic who are rather younger than the average FoFP. 

That’s good to hear

And it's a shame they didn't listen to the skaters, this design is terrible. 

But it’s not just for skaters



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