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Hi everyone 

Some advice sought from cat-owners living on the ladder in a first floor flat...

We are considering getting a cat but I'd much rather it be able to access the outdoors than live as an indoor cat. Has anyone come up with in ingenious solution for having their cat come in and out of their upstairs flat? With two front doors, and a road outside, the front of the house is obviously not ideal, so I've been trying to mastermind a route that it could use out of a bedroom window right at the back of the flat. There is a fence not too far down from the windowsill, but the jump is too big for a cat to make - so I'm wondering whether I could put a little step or platform between the windowsill and the fence (signed off by the neighbour, of course.) 

But would love to hear from anyone who might have found solutions to the problem in the past...

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Marv, as someone who hates seeing other people's pets poo and pee in my garden, I would definitely support a Council sanctioned £400 fine for this kind of dumping.

Will be sure to send you a picture of the cat then, so you can keep an eye out. 

I'll be in a hi-viz with my clipboard.

(Fully intend on having a litter tray - I just think it's cruel for a cat to be stuck in my upstairs flat constantly and want to see if other people have happy first floor cats that can access the outdoors!) 

Hello Marv.  I’ve seen these used on a housing estate I managed years ago


Ah, cat ladder? Interesting... thank you!

Yes, I've seen one on a Ladder road (southern end of Ladder, south side of road, Wightman Rd end) during lockdown perambulations.

You could always adopt an FIV cat! 

Cats with FIV can - and often do - live long and healthy lives, but to limit spread of the virus need to be Indoor-only cats and its preferable that they don't live with any non-FIV cats!

They're often dumped at shelters by people who don't educate themselves on the condition and think it's a death sentence, and many would-be owners are put off adopting FIV cats because they don't know about it - which leaves hundreds of loving, healthy cats languishing in cages at rescue centres for months, if not years 😞

I had a very simple issue, and we solved it like this in our previous top floor flat. We had to get permission from the downstairs neighbour but luckily there were very cat friendly. It's basically a ramp from the back window (we put a cat flap in), so we built the thing in the first picture to give them a bit of room to get out before jumping onto the ramp.

All in all it was pretty easy to make (i've included a photo of the pre placed ladder also), and just used decking boards from wickes.

Fully sympathise with that and when we had cats many years ago, we fitted a cat-flap.  Since then I've learned that cats "kill  270 millions animals" each year, including numbers of our fast dwindling birdlife. We lost three frogs just recently, toyed with, partly eaten and left in the garden. If I were to get a cat now, I'd keep it indoors and to heat my house, I wouldn't get a wood-burning stove.

Cats can live very happily indoors. In an area like this, there are so many dangers and stresses for a cat outside, I would suggest it is kinder to keep them indoor only. The 'its cruel to keep cats indoors' thing is a bit of a myth.

Also, they are absolute murder machines for small animals and birds. Outdoor cats are a real biodiversity hazard!

Great plan, as cats need space, and know people who have done it, but don’t know the logistics. 
make sure to get the cat microchipped first, and also with a quick release collar with at least 1 bell on, to reduce killing other animals

and make sure. to have a firm word with your furry to train it not to poo in neighbours gardens. Ive unfortunately failed with mine over the years. And despite 2 litter boxes, one of them in the shelter outside, they proceeded to jump over my cat proof 6foot fences into neighbours. And it’s only now at age 17y, they are finally being better behave differently 



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