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Passing the old post office this morning I asked the workmen what it was going to be and was told a casino. Anyone know anything about this? 

Edit- I’ve been informed this is a separate unit next to the former post office so have amended accordingly) 

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I think it's more like that other gaming shop on the other side of Green Lanes, rather than Caesar's Palace. 

So punters will be able to lose their shirts in Paddy Power on one corner of Warham Road and then stumble a few metres to divest themselves of their pants on the opposite one.  What larks.

That's really annoying given that a few years ago it was meant to be turned into a yoga studio and the landlord refused permission!

Are we talking about the old post office, or the premises next to it which was a bookies, Betfred, as I recall?

If we are talking about the old Betfred, that has been granted a licence to operate as an adult gaming centre, (fruit machines etc.,) It's likely I think that it will trading under the name "Cashino"  which is a chain of AGCs, there are several similar establishments in the wider locality.

Oh ok, maybe… I thought it was all the former post office? It’s all been boarded up for ages I can’t remember what was there!! I’ve edited accordingly. 

For any other amateur historians of Warham Road Corner, the premises which may become a "Cashino", adjacent to our former Crown Post Office, was my local Building Society Branch (Nationwide) for about 35 years before it decamped to WG, some time before fly-by-night Betfred (of Gibraltar, Falklands or some such imperial castaway) failed to make a go of it. A few yards further north Abbey National (Building Society that thought it was a bank) clung on till Santander rebranded it; soon it too decamped to Wood Green. Remarkable that the counter where I paid my mortgage for about one-third of my life, and occasionally withdrew a few quid from my savings, should now be part of a so-called "adult gaming centre". I assume that adjective bears the same level of maturity as in "Adult Bookshop" or "Adult Entertainment"?

Gaming shops sell games, video games, computer games consoles, board games etc.... I think. 

"Adult gaming centre" is a gambling place by another name. Since the betting odds were changed it is the new ploy to strip poor and vulnerable people of their money. They present slightly differently to the street than the Paddy Powers and Betfreds of this world but are of litttle community value. IMHO of course. And I do realise that not evryone using these places is "down and out". But these places are just not the social spaces they used to be.

Sadly, the trilby-hatted punters of years ago have gone, a morning bet, then the pub, back to collect their winnings (or not) in the afternoon and lay a bet on the last races. Now these gambling organisations have attracted the young to waste their money, in the vain hope of larger returns, it simply won't happen. As someone said years ago: "There are ten tills, one pays out and the other nine pay in".

I found that spinning pound coins into a lake was a much more pleasurable way of wasting money than filling up a bookie's till, now the needy get my spare change



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