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Can anyone tell us more about this historic Parkland Walk protest march against a motorway?

Vaughan has posted four pictures in our gallery of an historic protest march on the Parkland Walk against a motorway proposal which it would be great to have more information about.

It looks to have taken place in the 80s and the signs reference a proposed motorway. Can you recall this? Are you in the photos?

Let us know in the comments


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The motorway proposal was a GLC thing, it would have gone up Cromartie Rd when it left the Parkland Walk going west (or possibly that was a slip road). I worked on some of the houses on Cromartie Rd in the mid/late eighties so that scheme was dead by then. Might have been called the inner ring road?

There was also another,  later scheme, more housing based but with roads included, which prompted the first huge Friends of Parkland Walk protest, organised by John Fry.  I was on that march.

I guess it would have been this


Although a bit earlier than the 80s

These are amazing Vaughan, can I share them with our tree protectors group? What is your full name so I give you a credit?

We have of course been protesting against tree fellings on the PW in recent years as the Haringey Tree Protectors.

Best wishes


Just looking at the clothes and the street names (there were street reps for every street affected) I think this is the late 80's protest mentioned here: https://www.parkland-walk.org.uk/history
So I was there, somewhere....

Got all excited thinking I might be in the photos but I'm not! Can't remember much about it but somewhere I have a photo of my then 5 year old son holding up a placard, I think it said 'Save the parkland walk'. When I come across it I'll put it up



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