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Is Harringay's loss Tottenham's gain?

I walked past this below - see attached photo - on a walk down West Green Road in N15 just around the corner from Lawrence road. Apparently they hope to be open by the end of the year.

Billy H. (and others) will be quite satisfied that a new cafe is opening to offer variety to the scene at the east end of WGRd!

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You win the prize- didn't realise posting was so adversarial. Will have to up my game!

sushiheads too! 

and Tri cafe, Banc cafe, and Lordship Rec the HUb. I rememebr 10 years ago the only coffee you could buy was instant from the greasy spoon! I agree defo need a good Turkish on WGR or Philip lane please!!

I beg to disagree.

We already have a surfeit of Turkish Restaurants and an oversupply of Turkish groceries in Tottenham High Rd within 15-20 minutes walking distance from Seven Sisters tube. Along with a series of mini mobile service centres squatting the shop fronts everywhere!

The Turkish on the corner of Philip Lane and High Rd that had replaced the historic Swan Pub died a natural death because of the very poor service they offered. Initially, the Banc started off as a very good 'neo-Turkish' but then morphed into something more steak-house.

Why do we not have a decent Thai or a good sit-down West Indian, like Rudies in Stokey, instead of the poorly presented take-aways (I am West Indian)! Then where is the decent neighbourhood Indian for the area? Is there any hope in a new WG Pub coming up with something decent where all can go?

Please do not repeat the Green Lanes, invasive, restaurant monoculture on this side of the borough. Variety is the spice of life and eating.

I so agree with you JJ B, and in particular on the last paragraph, spot on. And beyond the issue of food (lack of) diversity, not quite sure what makes Green Lanes so nice to walk down as an urban experience in my books.

Decent pub would be good serving. A decent roast and menu

And 'Blightly' cafe opened a couple of weeks ago on the High Road by the spanish Tapas.

The tapas place doesn't do tapas anymore, it's gone Columbian. It's a shame as they were a good option for mixed carnivore and vegetarian groups.

Thanks for the update, it was never very busy as a Spanish Tapas. I tried it once and was not impressed with what I got for the price I got it.

I was excited when it opened and found the 'branding' a breath of fresh air. But I took a friend there and we were very disappointed by the very mediocre quality of the food. ALL OF IT! So I did not venture back.

So in a way it is better that they have gone back to what they know how to do best.

It is still very disenchanting that the restaurant frontage has 'reverted to type'. Why is it so difficult for these places to make themselves attractive so that they add positively to the street scape instead of 'bringing the neighbourhood down'?  Note that I am commenting on the restaurant frontage and not the fact that it is a South American place. I do not believe that I am being too harsh either.

I wish people wouldn't use obscure abbreviations. I don't GET it

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