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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Blend owners Linda and Steve were in shock as their new cafe filled up and queues developed at the counter and more people kept coming in.

"We weren't expecting this". Linda told me. "Thank goodness our other halves came in to help!"

All the customers I spoke to reported great coffee and delicious cakes (all the cakes were free today!!). I'll second that. Loved the coffee, loved the cheesecake.

I enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. It was wonderful seeing the opening being such a success and I very much hope that this is a taste of things to come and we have a busy new community hub down on the Lanes to add to the great places we already have. 

As you'd expect a few pics from me below - and ooh yes, my photo exhibition is going up tonight. So please pop in, support your new local cafe and have a look at some local pics.



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Linda - what time are you open until today?

I've just called in for a delicious flat white. Great little place, very chilled, funky decor, good tunes and charming staff. A very welcome addition to the high street!
Very impressed - queuing up to get in at 10 this morning. Best latte I've had outside of Italy. Perfect to take kids to as loads of space. Looking forward to going back.

Popped in for a coffee and cake today - lovely place and much bigger than expected. There's so much room in the back! Nice work on the flooring too, the effort obviously paid off :)

They're probably too busy to keep up with social media during the day. I think it's 6.

thanks Hugh.

Oops, sorry missed the target there, eh! Still, glad you found the reply.

I went in on Saturday when it had calmed down.  It was DIVINE.  What a lovely, welcoming space and all the more special because it's not the kind of place you find in this neck of the woods.   It made me feel better about where I live.   With coffee and banana and ginger cake this good,  I'm in danger of becoming a regular......a caffeine addicted, obese, but happy regular!

Thank you to the land lords for being open to something less familiar,
there has been a an inflation of leaseholds on Green Lanes,
the land lords are very specific about who they do business with,
unless you want to pay the earth for a lease, (which is what it is,)
the North end may become more dynamic as a consequence,
North Harringay will boom, go support it people's.
In the mean time I look forward to post modern Turkish,
its been realised in Melbourne. Harringay is potentially Coburg,
and we're living on Sydney Rd, I used to think it was Fitzroy,
or Collingwood... Gee's I miss my Footy!

Surely Shoreditch is Fitzroy/Collingwood? You might be right about Coburg, though.

If I could just find a slice of North Melbourne bliss...

My husband has visited there recently, he said the premise is huge.  It would be great for bringing buggies too, I presume!  My suggestion is to make the place family friendly and we will be forever royal.  Some toys & books and high chairs would be wonderful. 

I think it was pretty much designed to be family friendly. 



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