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Yes thankyou to Hugh and anyone else involved in making HOL continue. really really appreciate it. Its been difficult times for everyone, but I think for those people living alone through all this, we have especially appreciated the connectivity of this forum. So thanks for your relentless hard work on this


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I second that ! xxx


Hear hear.  We may not agree in discussions but I certainly think we’d all agree that we’re damn lucky to have a local forum like this.

I agree too. HURRAY for Hugh and a  Happy New Year to you and your family. xx

Have an excellent new year, folks! May 2021 be as full of endless debates as ever!

Absolutely!   Happy New Year and many thanks.

Ditto.  Thanks to Hugh and Liz.  Happy New Year to you.

Yes it is a wonderful site and Hugh does an amazing full time job on it.  Really interesting.  Happy New Year everyone.


This forum is so useful and I very much appreciated it, not only during lockdown, but since I have been living here. Hugh and Liz’s efforts are greatly appreciated. 


Couldn't agree more. Many, many thanks!

Couldn't agree more. I live alone and I appreciate this very much!!



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