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Hi - we're looking to buy a house and have seen a place on cranleigh road. We're not overly familiar and so have had a wander round - feels good to us but wondered what anyone on the forum thought of that part of Harringay?


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I'm biased, as I live in Terront Road which is just off Cranleigh, but I think it would be a fine road to live in. There are a lot of established residents and it always seems a fairly quiet, friendly street.

There were some issues with a backland site to the south, but that seems to have quietened down.

From a practical perspective, there are local shops 5 mins walk to the north on West Green Road, buses to Turnpike Lane and Seven Sisters tube, a park at the end of the road and a 10min walk to Green Lanes.

Hope this is useful.

We live in Clarendon road, just round the corner from Cranleigh and I am biased too. It's really quiet, hardly any traffic, and like Geoff says, lots of established residents and families. It's a bit further to Green Lanes, but only a few mins and nice and close to Chestnuts park. If you have kids you're also right next to Chestnuts Primary or round the corner to West Green primary.

I now live on ladder but used to live around there. It's a bit further from Green Lanes but still close enough to be useful for shops and buses and there are West Green Road shops. Apart from being quiet, the best thing was having Chestnuts nearby. Good luck!
We have lived on Cranleigh Rd for nearly four years, we like it. Really good neighbours, plus lots of families and long term residents. We are at the Black Boy Lane end and find having Chestnuts park so close, so valuable for our two young boys .This road and surrounding roads have improved over the past few years, with lots of run down houses being developed. The downsides are drunks in the park and my husbands motorbike vandalized a few times, but this could happen anywhere. We moved from the ladder looking for more space for our money, and now I'd find it hard not being so close to park anymore.
All the best with your decision.

I live in Cranleigh Rd. It's a very stable and friendly street. Lots of us have lived here for a long time. Also many families with young children, most of whom go to Chestnuts School or Woodlands Park nursery. The houses are bigger than in neighbouring streets as most of them have extended rooms at the back. Gardens are also mostly slightly bigger. It's very good for transport - you can choose from buses on West Green Rd or Green Lanes, and equidistant from Turnpike Lane and Manor House and Seven Sisters tubes. It's got Chestnuts Park at the end of the road, which I think is an advantage, but then I would, I'm chair of the Friends Group.

Between Cranleigh and Conway there's a backland site, now called Priscilla Place, which was a former fire station, which was sold to a developer who then sold on to lots of buy to let landlords, who in turn sublet to housing associations from elsewhere in London to house homeless families. Because the site wasn't set up to manage such high density, there were a lot of noise and other problems for a while for those houses on Little Etherley, Cranleigh and Conway which backed onto Priscilla Place. I believe that those noise problems are now diminished, but if you're looking to buy backing onto this development, you should knock the doors of neighbours and ask them about it. Otherwise I don't know of any problems in this street. We need a road crossing over Blackboy Lane into the park, but if you come to live here you can join those of us campaigning for one!
Can anyone help with an anwer to this question?

Sorry for the delay, but I have just turned 65 and it was about time to look up some of the old places.  I was born at 11 Rowley Road in December 1948 and lived there until I was 13, when we moved to Enfield.  At the age of about 10, I used to play in that Tottenham Borough Council yard at weekends with a boy Called Roy Wandless, who lived in a cottage inside the yard (His Dad had a supervisory job for TBC).  The other kids from Rowley Road who played there were John Martin, Bernard Jenkins and Barry Reed.  There were bunkers of sand and granite around the yard, which made it an ideal play area from a kids perspective, and a darkish building with a "workman's mess room" in which we used to listen to scary stories from the bigger kids.  The fire station occupied only a small part of the site to the extreme west and could not be accessed from the yard (If it could we would have been all over it).  To the front of the fire station was a large road area made with a very smooth asphalt surface that we used to roller skate on at other times during those long drawn out hot summers that only seem to have existed as a child.  Other dangerous place where we played were the excavation tunnels of the then new Victoria underground line (adjacent to Chestnuts park in Black Boy Lane, the bombed out buildings inside Chestnuts park, along the railway lines at the end of Stanhope Gardens, and over the wall at St Anns hospital to get bag loads of conkers from the abundant trees they had.  Me and another mate used to travel all over London on buses ant tubes for half-a-crown on a Red Rover ticket.  I also used to walk to Markfield school in South Tottenham every day and never felt the worst for it.

Happy Days!

What an interesting insight into the area. I live in Cranleigh Rd and our garden backs onto the former Tottenham Borough Council yard, now called Priscilla Close. I wonder if what I know as the former wash house is the darkish building you are referring to? It's on the left as you go into the yard. Do you know what the yard was originally built for? I'd assumed it might have been a dairy before it was a council depot. There's certainly water flowing under the site, and that's presumably why it was also chosen as a fire station. 

Also, as Chair of Friends of Chestnuts Park I'm particularly interested in where the Victoria Line excavation tunnels were, adjacent to Chestnuts Park, and what the bombed out building inside the park were. We're in the middle of making a short film about the park, and we're using some Victorian photos of the park, but would love more info on the period you are writing about. 

We live on Conway Road, backing onto Priscilla Place, so we are parallel to Cranleigh Road.

I know a lot of families that live in the streets around here and there is a great sense of community which I love. My children go to Woodlands Park Children's centre and Chestnuts Primary school - both of which are excellent. It's also great having Chestnuts park so close.

You can walk to Turnpike lane tube in about 15 mins, or I usually get a bus down to Manor House because it's the last zone 2 stop.

I know people have extended into the lofts of their houses in Cranleigh Road, in fact most of the families I know have done or about to do this.

I get the impression the streets around here are a bit quieter than the ladder. We've lived her for 8 years and a lot of the scruffier houses which used to be rented have been bought and made nicer.

Priscilla Close is much quieter than it was when we first moved in, but to be honest the only problems we had were boys kicking their footballs constantly into our garden. They've now either moved or grown up.

We moved from a rented house in Islington so I was very unsure of this area when we moved here, but I really like it now. It's a good place to live - especially if you have/are planning children.

On the downside we've had our car window smashed twice - but that's in 8 years so I expect pretty average for London. There's been the odd noisy party - but only a few a year.



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