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Impossible to get from Tottenham to Archway on the same bus: bus terminates at various random stops ( Abbotsford Avenue, Hornsey Station, Crouch End roundabout near the YMCA), then the first bus to Archway is in 20 minutes or thereabouts and too full to accommodate all the passengers who disembarked earlier.

This has become a regular occurrence and it takes forever...

Does anybody know what's going on?

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I'm not sure but my son took an hour and a half to get home from college by bus yesterday. He ended up getting the W5 because the 41s were full and/or terminating early.

I was in Crouch End on Sunday and Topsfield Parade was it was solid with parked cars on either side and there wasn’t room to accommodate anything larger than cars passing in opposite directions.  After waiting 20 minutes with a queue of buses backing up past the clock tower I gave up and walked.

I think it's possible that the combination of the works near the junction of Wightman Road and Turnpike Lane with a closure of part of Endymion Road means that there is significant increase in traffic using already roadworks limited Turnpike Lane and the route through Tottenham Lane/Church Lane to navigate around the railway. I tried to get a bus earlier, the screen said 3 mins but it was nearer 15mins. I've walked past standing traffic far quicker than if I had waited for buses, but walking isn't always an option.

Yes. Standing traffic on the 41 route due to Haringey's pure lack of concern for roadworks control, results in long delays for bus passengars in BOTH directions. The bus company Arriva, mitigates this by dumping passengars at places on the route easy for buses to swing round and pick up passengars going in opposite direction. Often without even bothering to change blinds or tell the passengars. LBH and TfL are both useless. It's also affecting the 144 route.

Don't forget that from Tottenham to Archway you can get the Overground from South Tottenham to Upper Holloway, which is close to Archway Underground station. It takes just nine minutes.

I’m tempted to say that this is partly what happens when you close side roads as part of LTNs…. When there’s major disruption on the arterial routes, from perpetual roadworks, the alternatives are cut off, so traffic just backs up. It may not be the root cause in Crouch End (un-LTNed, as far as I know), but there’s now no safety-valve to allow escape from West Green Road. Admittedly, the current situation is exacerbated by the closure of the Wightman/Alroy junction with Endymion, which sends additional traffic up Ferme Park and intervening roads, doubtless increasing congestion on Tottenham Lane. Topsfield Parade has been a serious pinch-point for years, but bus passengers are always at the bottom of the hierarchy when it comes to traffic schemes or management.

No LTNs in Crouch End but emergency gas and water works aren't helping the road diversions for scheduled roadworks which would have been fine without the emergency ones. Hopefully some of teh Topsfield Parade problem will be solved by some additional double yellows and waiting restrictions but usual uproar from the car drivers who think those of us on the bus are too poor to matter.



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