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I had a very brief conversation with a rather harassed, but lovely lady pulling bins out onto the street for the bin wagon earlier this morning. Our bins should have been collected yesterday.

She said the problem is cross borough as there are not enough drivers. Apparently there are 11 wagons sat in the yard unable to be used because there is no one there to drive them. She intimated they had gone elsewhere as they were being paid more. Her parting comment was 'that is 100,000 households not having their bins collected today'! 

Apparently the lack of HGV drivers across the UK that is underpinning this local issue is being put down to the fact that a large number of HGV qualified drivers were EU nationals that have gone back to the EU...

I bet this was not on BoJo's Brexit Risk Register. 

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Are we still blaming Brexit?


The article you link to is about shortages of truck drivers in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. You may not be fully aware of this, but we live in the UNITED KINGDOM. There is a general problem in Europe, in the EU and the UK, of shortage of HGV drivers. The problem is better dealt with in the EU, because there is free movement of labour. By leaving the EU, the UK has abandoned that advantage, so HGV drivers from the EU cannot come to work here. The situation is thus worse here than in the EU. Indeed, why would HGV drivers from the EU want to come to work here, when the UK has effectively said to them: Go away, Johnny Foreigner, we don't want you here? (Please excuse my blunt language; I do not mean to cause offence to anyone.) For me, I know that we live in a country that was built on wave after wave of migrants. Given widespread labour shortages, and also given common humanity, we should be welcoming migrants with open arms, and providing them with every possible assistance to integrate into the society, the economy, and the culture of Britain.

This is worth a read.

It is an interesting analysis by Deloitte, and agrees in many ways with other analyses. But its only conclusion is: just keep on, and in time it will all sort itself out. No hint as to how to pursue active measures to solve the problem.

a. Noone has stopped immigration - there is still net 100's of thousands of incomers every year, despite brexit - that is a fact.

b. Unless you have wilfully ignored or misread the brexit campaign, the whole point is that there are checks and restrictions on who comes over and the points based system will ensure people with skills come over and not just the lowest paid who are exploited by landlords and business for cheap labour.

c. It's already been proven that a shortage of labour in lower paid jobs has lead to significant wage rises in these jobs. Just because you may not work on a building site or a cafe, it does not mean there are no benefits to having less competition for jobs.

I voted remain and I am skeptical of the current direction of Brexit, but there's no reason to add false information to win the argument.

I regret we must agree to disagree on this matter.

Indeed, but you've provided assertions that are plainly incorrect. 

Immigration to the UK is still at the usual levels if you take covid out of the equation, wages for the worst paid in society have gone up and unfortunately, the idea was to control immigration in return for the end of free movement.

Now you can argue, like I do that the overall risk and negatives overcome the exit, but these facts still stand.

I think you have wilfully misread my original post. As for assertions, you assert that wages for the worst paid in society have gone up. While this is true for some of the worst paid in society, it is not so for the majority of low paid people, whose wages have not gone up, and in some cases are the same as 11 years ago. Brexit, overall is a disaster for the economy and for society. As has been the 11 years of Tory governments.

Er, that was my point. Most of the issues leading to the shortage in HGV drivers are structural but anti brexiteers used it to forward their arguments. Retiring drivers, poor pay and woeful conditions have created HGV driver shortages in most developed countries. 



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