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There have been a growing number of sightings of the sparrowhawk (left) and kestrel (right) in Harringay                                                                                                                                                                                   Photos: BBC & RSPB

I've picked up on a local online conversation about a growing number of sightings of small birds of prey in Harringay. 

Has anyone else seen a kestrel or sparrowhawk in the hood? Better still any Harringay birds of prey pictures?

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Wow - where were the sightings? I've seen a kestrel in Alexandra park before.

In the gardens of the Woodland Park, Conway Road area apparently.

Fascinating! I haven't spotted any in the vicinity but our house overlooks Conway Road and I am tempted now to set my scope up in the bedroom window! Mind you that could lead to awkward misunderstandings... not least at home :-O

Watching with interest as the Peregrine is still around from time to time at Alexandra Palace and has been seen in Crouch End and Muswell Hill and there are often tawny owls, sparrowhawks and kestrels seen frequently (less commonly Buzzards - rarely Hobbies, Kites and very rare Osprey).

Fantastic, Steve!


Had a Kestrel in my back garden in North Tottenham, a few years back.  It had took out a pigeon and was eating it in  garden, until I open the door.  It flew off, with its meal.
Gutted I didnt spot it from my window, before hand.

But it did look beautiful.  I was only a few feet away from it, when it flew off.

I saw a vulture in SW1 the other day.

I saw a small hawk being mobbed by some Crows near Clissold Park recently. Chris

I've seen a kestrel hunting over FInsbury Park Softball ground at dusk. 

Maybe the smell of fresh kebabs is attracting them?

Late last year I heard a commotion in our hedge which turned out to be a kestrel that had dived in there to grab a sparrow. I haven't seen it since though.

Sadly I have not seen any such bird since I moved back here in 2007.  I can offer the following blurred image taken in the garden of my previous home (in Impington).  This sparrow hawk had caught a pigeon and was busy devouring it under our noses not 10 yards from our window.



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