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Closing this weekend apparently. What a huge loss to the high street.

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Ah yes, I'd noticed a change but hadn't registered why. I've known that the owners wanted to retire for a long time, probably first heard about it here a couple of years back, so I guess they finally did.

oh no :(

Time for that funeral undertaker to return. 

What a disaster.

Such a shame — one of the businesses that made shopping locally worthwhile, and with a huge range that’s just not available elsewhere. I thought Andy Charalambous, who owned it, had handed over to his son some time ago, but perhaps it didn’t happen or it stopped being a viable business for other reasons. I have vivid memories of feathered creatures hanging up by the door of the previous shop (a few doors up from the current one) in the game season, before health & safety regs forbade it, and the huge number of dressed turkeys hanging from the ceiling and awaiting collection every Christmas in the new shop.

Small shops struggle with increasing overheads, can't compete with supermarkets. I didn't use it but was always glad to see it there. Very sad about Lynbo, bought a lot of stuff from there over the years.Very helpful people. We won't much choice soon about where to shop if we want to support small locals. 

I see quite a lot of comments like this. It would help if you said what kind of shop you would like.

I can't speak for drpepper, but personally I wouldn't mind a decent butchers... Such a shame about Baldwins. They were, in my view, comfortably in the top 20 in London 

I was in the shop on 1st June and the old owner was pottering about.  I greeted him and, as I hadn't seen him for a bit, said I thought he had retired.  He said that he was still usually on site but mostly in the back office.  Not a hint of any imminent change.  After the earlier reports first that the business was for sale and then that it would stay in the family, I met who I took to be the new family member in charge.  All seemed set to continue but I have not seen him for a long time, only the previous regular staff on duty plus one apprentice.

I shall miss the skilled butchers including the two good humoured Hungarians.  It is not everywhere you can ask for a rolled and stuffed saddle of lamb and see it prepared before your very eyes.

Couldn’t agree more, Dick. Compared to the paltry variety in most supermarkets, Baldwin’s had a huge range and variety of cuts that used to be the norm at any butcher’s until 20 or 30 years ago — and especially their selection of offal, if that’s your thing (it’s certainly mine, though I know not to everyone’s taste; where else can you get lamb’s kidneys or sweetbreads?).

not being a meat eater, I don’t use it, but know how much my local friends praise it

but very sad to hear lymbo is going as well. Such a shame for our local family business, been here for years, diverted to plumbing to make a business change. 

I also heard such good things about Baldwins, not a meat eater either so didn't go there but have used Lynbo a lot over the years. I bought new bath, sink etc from there late last year and they were very helpful. They were telling me about the rapid rise in costs of basic plumbing items. Massive shame to lose these long term family businesses. 



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