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The Post Office is apparently still open for business nationally but has anyone had local deliveries this week? 

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Last week I saw a post office van park outside my house and two postal workers emptied everything onto the street and sort the parcels and letters right there in the road.

Don’t think they are prioritising Ebay as I am waiting for 4 items ordered three weeks ago. And this week I paid £6.95 for express delivery in the hope that I would at last get something I need. Order dispatched on Tuesday, still not here so not sure what Royal Mail’s definition of ‘express’ is!

Just received a book posted on April 10th. Not quite the oldest in the batch of things I’m waiting for but I’m going to see it as good news and that they are making progress ... 

We got four packages yesterday going back a few weeks. So I think if they're delivering on Sunday and bank holiday they're probably trying to clear the backlog. 

I just saw this thread on (whisper) another local website. I’ve pasted below a useful update from the Hornsey MP. It basically sounds as though the depot that serves us has been hit by a perfect storm of hugely increased volumes, far fewer staff and, intriguingly, perhaps a distance & location issue...

Dear friend,
I spoke with senior Royal Mail staff last week about the ongoing postal problems in N8 and N4 and they have today sent me this letter updating on some of the actions they are taking to try and resolve the matter. I hope you find it helpful.


During the meeting, I also asked about the possibility of re-opening a delivery office in N8. It was a real blow to the local community when Hornsey Sorting Office closed down in 2014. With the volume of parcels now being handled doubling in recent weeks and likely to remain high, it feels more important than ever that N8 and N4 mail is given the priority it deserves and that residents aren’t forced to take public transport, drive or cycle over to N19 to collect packages once delivery offices can safely reopen. I have written to the Chief Executive of Royal Mail to raise this proposal further.

I have also asked if Royal Mail can provide a contact for local managers for people with very specific concerns, and I will forward this on once I receive it.

Finally, I am very much aware that this still isn’t a normal service and whilst Royal Mail are hopeful that the additional staffing will improve matters and that they are through the worst, I know that many of you continue to experience problems. I have asked to be kept regularly updated and appreciate you continuing to share with me news of improvements or new problems that I can collate and raise with Royal Mail on your behalf.

Best wishes,


Catherine West MP
Member of Parliament for Hornsey & Wood Green

Alison, might I suggest you repost this as a new thread for those who haven't been following this old one? It's most interesting and explains a lot of what's been going on. Very sad that one of the posties died - they really are in the 'front line'.

Meanwhile, I've complained to the Post Office about the ridiculously long queues and lack of staff on duty in our local PO. We've really come off badly at both ends of this vital communications service.

I spoke to my postie and said  I was sorry to hear that one of his colleagues had died. He knew nothing about it!

Good luck with that request to reopen a local sorting office, but I’d certainly second it.

So flipping irritated about this. Just emailed David Lammy. Will let you know if I hear back.

Dear David Lammy

I'm writing to ask if you can help in putting some pressure on the Royal Mail to address the serious issues affecting post deliveries in Harringay.

My family is waiting for a large number of items (around 15 - as lockdown has coincided with two birthdays), the earliest of which were posted in early April. Three of these have since had replacement items sent, none of which have arrived either.

I understand from what I've seen on local websites like Harrigay Online that this has been caused by a combination of increased volume, staff absences due to COVID and issues caused by how to manage social distancing in the depot and when delivering. What I am not clear about is what the plan is to get to the bottom of the outstanding deliveries.

I understand this is a time of national crisis, but this is a vital local service in N4 and N8 on which many of us depend (more so now than ever before) and it appears to have been completely abandoned. I talk to friends and relatives all over London and beyond and none of them are experiencing anything like this. What is so challenging about our local post and why is it proving so hard to resolve? Why have we not heard anything from the Royal Mail about what they are doing to help get their service back to a normal footing?

I would be very grateful if you and your office could put some pressure on the Royal Mail to establish what they are doing to rectify the issue - particularly when it comes to the mail that has been missing for over a month.

Further examples of the problem can be found on this thread here (which began on March 24th): . https://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/are-local-postal-servi...

Many thanks for doing this Maddy.  As a footnote, I’ve now resorted to having things delivered to a friend who lives near Turnpike Lane (a ten minute walk away but a different sorting office) and get everything on time - the problem is definitely with the office serving N4/8.

I’d not thought of that, good idea. I’m now avoiding buying anything online if I’m not clear that delivery is NOT by RM. Hermes are pretty impressive. 

Does anyone know what rights a company has if it uses the RM to mail a package in a situation like this and it doesn’t arrive. Would they be able to make any claim if they had simply used ‘normal’ services (ie not signed for etc)?


Has anyone had any problems with parcels being delivered by Royal Mail? Mail is getting through, but no packages



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