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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I was missing it today as I prepared for some Bank Holiday DIY - will it be another food store?

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On the plus side, it is not going to be a kebab shop, rather something that contributes to some diversity on the high street...

...on the down side, I hear it will be a pawn shop!

That's a shame. Not a massive win for the general community compared with having a great DIY shop in the hood.

Still I guess our keener pharmaceutical adventurers need somewhere to sell their wares.

It's H&T Pawnbrokers, apparently the biggest firm of pawnbrokers in the UK. There's a set of planning application documents for 457 Green Lanes, including a graphic of the new shop front.

As the biggest such firm they will be hanging three 6 inch diameter golden balls to demonstrate their prowess.

Local branches Nag's Head, Finsbury Park, Wood Green, Stamford Hill, Bruce Grove.

how profoundly grim. 

It's one more shop dealing in gold (and other valuables, admittedly) to add to the several already on Green Lanes. Not applauding though.

Grim for me is the demise of Wilko's. Everywhere, likely.

Agreed - Wilco was top

It seems pretty obvious to me that all those shops supposedly selling gold, jewellery, watches, etc are all fronts for money-laundering. There are never any shoppers in them. If I can see they are so obviously for money-laundering, presumably the Met Police can too, so why don't they do anything about it? H&T Pawnbrokers will be a good place for thieves to get money for stolen goods.

After watching a rather down-at-heel gentleman going door to door trying to sell some 'procured goods' yesterday on Green Lanes, I can only assume a pawn shop will a boon for this gentleman and a potential detriment to the area considering the ease with which it will allow people to transform stolen goods into readily available cash. 

For an area with a booming class A trade, this seems like a bad idea for everyone except the pawn broker. 

There's always Homebase 😝

Homebase gets worse all the time. Mostly there are no staff to help find things, they are always out of stock of basic DIY stuff (eg two and a half inch No. 8 screws, and you don't get much more basic than that), and are a sad apology for a DIY shops. Their other stuff is relentlessly over-priced, and anything like kitchen units or cupboards or shelving is all melamine veneered chipboard. The staff are few in number, ignorant of what they have in stock or where to find it, and take forever to answer the simplest query. It is a mystery to me how they stay in business. Previously Lido was a lot better, but it recently changed ownership, what they hold in stock changed a lot, and they are going downhill. No wonder any serious DIY person just buys everything from Amazon.

Wickes / Screwfix & Toolstation - all Seven Sisters way but generally good.

B&Q on Wood Green High St is okay but the Tottenham Hale one is better

Otherwise Builders Depot @ New Southgate but that's a bit of a trek.

Lynbo was good because it was local and did have knowledgeable staff.

Lido just feels very expensive now.

Agree with everything you say. I've used Wickes, Screwfix and B&Q in Tottenham Hale previously. I managed to get a wonderful deal on a fully adjustable, professional, aluminium stepladder, because they had mis-informed me about what was in stock, at B&Q a few years ago. I'm sad about Lido changing, as they used to be the one place around here where you could buy button batteries (for watches etc), as they held all different kinds in stock. Alas, no longer.



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