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Anyone else had this one? Got an automated call on landline, says it's BT and there has been suspicious activity so they are cutting off phone and internet. I hung up at the point and unplugged socket connection. 

Would be interested to hear back. Of course, if it is not a scam and I'll be cut off I won't be able to read your responses! 


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Thanks Deborah. I did hang up thank goodness, instinct kicked in. And I pulled out phone line as I know some of these things work in a way where you think you've hung up but you're still online etc. 

It's best to treat everything with suspicion these days. Better safe than sorry! 

It is Ruth- i have been furloughed since last year and now i am at home am amazed how much stuff comes through my landline--one last week offering funeral arrangements for me --just said i wasn't planning on going just yet and hung up, main one is all the Car Accidents i have been involved in--pretty frightening really as you know some people fall for it


Yes, I've had a few car accidents which I was totally unaware of. 

Must admit I don't get bothered as much with landline scams as some of you out there clearly are. But email recently bombarded with scams and junk, I guess there is a push for more scams and fraud by the many baddies out there! 

On two days this week I had multiple calls from morning till night saying something like "Your internet provider has detected suspicious activity...you are about to be cut off.... ring xxx" I put the phone down. Its so annoying particularly as I rush up or down the stairs to find the phone expecting a pleasant call. By the end of the day I stopped answering even legitimate calls. I can't read the screen without glasses so by the time I have found where I last dropped the phone and where I've hidden my glasses it really is not worth the effort.

Like you say Ruth it's good to share these things just in case someone isn't as aware.  And it puts your mind at ease.   Can't really expect Hugh to print my feelings on scammers and the like.......... !



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