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I got my leaflet today stating that from October you have to pay £75 a year for garden waste collection. Further bulk collections will cost £25 for 4 items then £10 per item. If the dustman break your wheelie bin or you don't have one you have to pay £30.

I rang Haringey who transferred me to veola. Veola say it's Haringey council who decided they need to save 20 million for social care.

I am disgusted. I have lived in this borough for 53 years and all this is going to do is make people dump rubbish in the streets in a borough that has the worst fly tipping in England.

As far as saving money for social care, already the council tax bill went up to cover this. Haringey council should stop wasting money on other things.

I for one will not pay £75 and I suggest Haringey think again..

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For those of you without the inclination to read it, a few morsels from the Veolia/Haringey service agreement
Street Cleansing Improvement
0 A Village Approach to street sweeping across the borough where each existing neighbourhood will have a dedicated team (Muswell Hill will be split into 2) with localised management and resource taking ownership and pride of their area. Our employees will become ambassadors of Haringey and Veolia
0 All streets will be swept on average twice a week over a six day shift pattern increasing sweeper presence and perception
Fly Tipping
0 Two-year strategy to tackle fly-tipping that focusses on speci c challenges in Haringey, including transience, flats above shops, HMOs and communicating to those who speak little or no English
0 Responsible for maintaining high cleanliness levels on the streets and ‘taking control of the streets’
0 Put processes and strategies in place to reduce fly-tips by 50%
0 Create a two-year action plan in conjunction with Village Managers to reduce fly-tips and focus on hotspots

Thanks for this. On street sweeping our road is only officially swept once a week and actually not swept or swept at. We took this up with Veolia because during the spring trees in this and surrounding streets shed numerous red berries, which make a mess and could cause people to slip eg when rainy and dark. We repeatedly talked to them about this and one neighbour even overheard colleagues laughing about it when they phoned them. Then one sweeper was rude to a neighbour when they pointed out the berries hadn't been swept up.

It's not just bushes and alleys. Keep Britain Tidy say that 67% of farms were flytipped last year. Most of this is hoiseholder rubbish.

Yes, that's a service I've been offered a few times in the past but always declined for fear of where my junk will end up.

This week I am having a new bed delivered and Warren Evans offered to take away the old mattress for £20, so a fiver less than Haringey's new fee.

Can someone find out from whoever knows, how much it costs to send out a truck to collect dumped stuff?  I report the stuff from our special dumping spot every day and it does always go within two days, so these must be special pick-ups (expect that to change for the worse).   So how many of these have to be made every year and what's the cost of these teams ie how much is each pickup? It must be more than being part of an organised timetable weekly/fortnightly round.  Because now they will have to come every day to each dumping corner, so how will the figures compare?   Are all Veolia accounts redacted?

Yes, I use the fly-tipping report service fairly often as well and the response is good. Although they do only collect exactly what I've reported, if something else has appeared opposite in the meantime they just leave it.

"... if something else has appeared opposite in the meantime they just leave it."
To be fair, Rachel, though I report a lot of dumped rubbish I've never come across the level of dysfunctional stupidity you describe. On the contrary, I've seen Veolia remove new stuff nearby before I could report it.

If people find that Veolia are doing what you saw, then can I please urge anyone who has reported dumped rubbish, where new stuff has been dumped opposite or a few metres away, to consider taking a couple of snaps on their phone.

Shouldn't it be possible to find out via Freedom of Information requests?

Sure. But an F.o.I request to Haringey usually takes four weeks and they often reply on the final day. Sometimes unhelpfully giving minimum information. Instead - or in parallel - can I suggest beginning with a public email to Cllr Peray Ahmet the "Cabinet" member for the Environment. 

I assume that at least some of the points raised in this discussion thread - and many other places - were presented in reports to the "Cabinet". Including costings, risks, unintended consequences etc. So Peray can, if she wishes, share those with residents.

However, this thread also illustrates that it's almost always a good idea to begin the "thinkwork" on a change in policy by opening it up to residents as early as possible. At a point before ideas are fixed, and when potential proposals are in the formation/"brain storming" phase.

This means being open to strong disagreements, to political point scoring, to anger and so forth. It also means respecting local people and being truly open to criticism to suggestions. And with forums like this, getting a free thinktank of ideas and reasoned objections from locals who do actually understand how councils have had to manage savage cuts. And most of whom on HoL - I would guess - share broadly similar aims. Including:

► Clean streets;
► Maximised recycling and in general "going green" ;
► Changing the habit of dumping;
► Hitting commercial fly-tippers;
► Achieving more responsible behaviour by traders with respect to waste;
► Education including modelling behaviour we want from children
etc etc.
I appreciate this won't be possible while Kober remains; listening only to developers, large landowners and her mirror mirror on the wall. Surrounded by a claque she rewards for their sycophancy.

It seems to me that the Violent trucks have a regular round and know the regular fly tipping spots. I see them, often enough when I am going to work on early shifts, passing and stopping to collect the 'stuff' left in my local 'special waste collection locations' in Bruce Grove ward.

JJ. "Special waste collection locations".
Years ago I was told exactly this by a street cleaner - now retired - who was on one of the trucks. He said that one morning the list of reported dumping hadn't been typed and given to them. So their manager told them -  rather than wait around - they should drive to rubbish dumping "hotspots" they knew.
They drove round, filled-up the truck and headed back.

Film fans may be reminded of Captain Louis Renault in "Casablanca" and his instruction to "round up the usual suspects". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXuBnz6vtuI

Quite frankly I have had it with this place. The situation is goingto get alot worse before it gets better.

Everyone knows what is needed but they go around fighting forest fires with garden hoses and blaming the lack of money.

They were able to find loads of money for the 2012 Olympics to build a temporary stadium and then spend more to dismount/adapt it. When subsidy is needed to help big developoers they find it. Yet we can't get decent first worls services in teh 5th/6th largest, richest economy in the west!

Strong and stable my arse. Vive le Brexit!



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