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The end of an era. Sadly the shop units on St Ann's Road which have hosted Andreas Michli's eclectic shop for goodness knows how many decades are being redeveloped into housing. There's a photo of the here in case you're not familiar with it.

The Council has granted permission for the corner unit and the one on the other end to be turned into housing, both incorporating the retail unit into the living space. The corner unit application is here and the other one is here. I don't suppose it will be long before the other units go the same way.

It's been known for some time that Andreas was looking to sell up but it's a real shame that these developments have not been challenged and seem to have gone unnoticed. Perhaps nobody cares? There wasn't a single public comment from nearby residents or local Councillors on either of these applications and it's now too late for anybody else to have a say.

Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any kind of planning protection afforded to shop units away from the high street, even though it can be argued that they provide a useful service tailored to residents in the immediate vicinity and an opportunity for local businesses to gain a foothold at a reasonable rent.

This short parade of shops would have been ideal for just the sort of businesses which are on the wish list of many of the folks on HoL and have recently started to move into the area - a nice cafe on the corner, a bar, a deli, a bakery, and so on - the sort of businesses which can thrive as a group even if they are slightly off the beaten track. The Council could easily have managed a minor project to revitalise this corner and secure its long term future as a community asset. With a grant to help pay for the restoration of the original shopfronts, a bit of help with the business rates to get things started and a scheme to improve the road junction I think it would have been easy to attract new tenants. In the long term the business rates would justify this kind of input. This is a real missed opportunity.

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Really sad news, I knew they were selling up but this...ugh! :-(

This is such a shame, always thought those shop fronts were particularly attractive and very unusual. 

I guess the best case scenario now is that they are developed very sympathetically into houses retaining as many of the original features as possible. Sadly, I've seen that this doesn't often happen. And what a missed opportunity for a local business as you say...

I once bought one of the best oranges I ever had in my life from there. I asked why it was so expensive. Mr Michli asked me to stand half way across the shop, just nicked the skin, and said can you smell that? A few seconds later, I was hit by this huge orange aroma. He explained that poor people round the area in the know buy these oranges rather than cheaper supermarket ones because they have way more vitamin C.

The shop and him, what Harringay originals.

I had a lemon from there like that – I kept picking it up and smelling it every time I passed the fruit bowl. It's quite an achievement to have your customers remembering individual fruit!

Though I don't go that often, I'll be very sad to see the shop close; it's the kind of place people often try to emulate and fail dismally. I just dropped by as after reading this thread I was rather wondering if it had already closed and was pleased to see it's still thriving.

End of an era it is. But I a,m quite relieved that the conversion SEEMs to be quit sympathetic to the character of this very beautiful building. I was so afraid that some 'enterprising Green Lanes shop owner would buy it and put the same plastic and plate glass " improvements" as so many of those places have. If Disney's 'goes' will it get destroyed?

I remember happily discovering this very special shop when I first moved to Haringey. I too am very sorry if it goes but I send my warm regards and best wishes to Mr Michli for his future plans. But please Haringey Council don't lose the beautiful curves of this building for some cheap conversion.

Hi folks.

Andreas and Hulya are NOT yet selling up! They are open as usual for business.

Yes some prospective buyers put in for planning permission and got it - but Andreas does not plan to sell to them. He is still looking out for a good buyer - so if you feel strongly about what you'd like to see there instead of flats, now's the time to have your say. I agree with everything said about it being preferable to have another shop or local business in those units and have been advocating fiercely myself for this the last few months!

So it's not too late to enjoy their lovely citrus fruit, olives and halloumi - show your appreciation and love for their products and their unique shop through what you buy - pop in next time you're thinking of going to Green Lanes or the supermarket. Continue to support them and let's hope they stay a little longer. :)

Many thanks 'Shilps2' for putting across the correct story. Thanks also to all the other fans of this unique shop! I'm a regular customer there and can also confirm that talk of the shop's demise is greatly exagerated, inaccurate, and premature. A simple chat with Andreas and Hulya would have confirmed this. When the time does come for a change, we do hope that it will be for something that keeps up the special tradition. In the meantime, please keep shopping!!


Actually Alan, for some of us it is!

First to re-state, Andreas and Hulya are NOT selling up. For more info see Shilp'as post below.  I was talking  to Hulya yesterday OCT 14, and she said "tell people at HoL."  Whatever is going on, whilst they are there, go, get to know them and use them. I like the post from Vikram - Andreas really does know his produce. If you have questions, ask him. Hulya is equally helpful. Pop in for a chat- politics, history, religion, and food. I must ask for the name of the long phallic-like pale green veg he sells. A very delicate flavour when lightly steamed.  

R, it's a doodhi! That's the indian name for it - it's the one Andreas uses! I'm not sure about the Cypriot name.. x 



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