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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Aldi relent and rebrand their Harringay store from 'Aldi Haringey' to 'Aldi Harringay'

Back in July this year I noticed that Aldi seemed to be planning to open their new Harringay store as Aldi Haringey. I dropped them a quick note on Twitter and got the standard response back that it would be looked into. I didn't really think any more about it.

Then a  couple of weeks ago, Harringay local Nigel Lupton noticed that Aldi were still planning on opening as Aldi Haringey, despite the store being in Harringay and being their second store in Haringey.

In the past few days two other local tweeters also contacted Aldi on Twitter to mention the same error.

Yesterday, we noticed that both the signage and the website have changed and the branding now shows as Aldi Harringay. That was either quick work, or they had the change in the pipeline. Either way, thank you Aldi.

Perhaps we can now persuade McDonalds to make the same correction.

Aldi signage, 8th October and 20th October, Photos Nigel Lupton

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Wish I had any influence! Contact customer service either via their website or through social media. 

The Muswell Hill Co-op: it's at the very foot of the road called 'Muswell Hill' though. And good to see another new Co-op.

So I'd give that a pass, overall. Long way from Hornsey High Street.

PS On Haringey/Harringay/Hornsey/Muswell Hill - did no-one hear Peray Ahmet on BBC Radio London yesterday (Wed 20th), for almost an hour, in their 'Meet the Leader' survey of London Councils? It starts about an hour and ten minutes into the programme:

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p09xbw94  (available till around 19 Nov 2021)

Haringey/Harringay is addressed early on!

The Harringay/Haringey issue was also addressed by yours truly in the same programme at around 13:51. After the two clips in Eddie Nestor’s show, there was another one Anna recorded with me that went into Janette Kwakye’s afternoon show. But I don’t know at what point in the programme it was slotted. 

Are we taking on Dusty Knuckle too?


I did flag it to them before they opened. But for whatever reason, they chose to use the -ey spelling. What can you do with a small business? There are a mumber of others on Green Lanes.

I’ve emailed them too and asked them to join us in Harringay!

Thanks. Let us know what they say. 



Well done Hugh! Brilliant you have such influence and I confess after 20+ years only now I understand the difference between the two spellings, so not surprising newbies to the area don't!!

….or maybe Nigel does!

It was such a silly decision back in 1965 to reintroduce the -ey spelling. It would have been so much simpler just to stick with the then only spelling of ‘Harringay’.

Hornsey Borough Council had unaccountably been trying to enforce the use of the -ey spelling for the previous three quarters of a century. So you get parts of the passage with street name plates showing ‘Haringey Passage’ and part called ‘Harringay Passage’. There must have been a municipal cheer in 1965 when they finally thought they could get their way.

Strangely, even as recently as a decade ago, the council were trying to wash away the Harringay name. As documented on this site, cabinet member for the environment and St Ann’s councillor Nilgun Canver, told me in no uncertain terms that there was no such place as Harringay, that the name only applied to Harringay ward. Our neighbourhood, she insisted, in the face of all historical evidence, was called Green Lanes.

The reluctance to use ‘Harringay’ persists in the council to this day. It’s very strange.  I can only assume that there’s some sort of subconscious municipal mindset that resents the Harringay name and since 1965 sees it as a threat to the Haringey version.

The spelling alteration is rather daft - no one else did it as far as I know when the boroughs merged, otherwise we’d be stuck with Camdin, Islingtun, Hacknee and Enfeeled (or Enfelt)

At the time, ( 1965 ) it was suggested that the Council thought that the -GAY ending might give rise to unseemly ribaldry and preferred the innocuous -GEY.



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