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On 27th August we thought to try out the restaurant I Nairobi partly out of curiosity and partly for the sake of my Kenyan daughter in law who was with us that day.

We needed a takeaway and found that Uber Eats and Deliveroo did not list the place.  We found however that the restaurant was available through Just Eats.

This was our first use of Just Eats.  I placed an order for seven items and paid by Paypal.  A few minutes later one of our party asked for an extra dish was.  This I ordered and it appeared at the end of the previous list seemingly all OK.  The package that arrived by the hand of a polite Hungarian guy turned out to be lacking the final item so I called the restaurant.  They apologised and shortly afterwards, the missing item was delivered.

The following day, Just Eats sent a message apologising for the late arrival of the last item and offering a 15% discount on a future order.  However, my Paypal account showed that I had been charged twice, that is once for the first seven items and then for all eight items.  This meant I had been overcharged by just over £100.

Needless to say, the following day I sent an e-mail to the address Just Eats had used.  This turned out to be a “noreply” address.  I then tried a second address.  Four Days later, my mail company said they had given up trying to deliver the message.  I then found a way to complain on their web-site.  This produced an automatic response promising a reply within 7 days.

In fact, in two days the following standard reply appeared “We ask customers to report any issues to us within 24 hours of the order's delivery time. This means I'm unable to assist you with your order query. I'm sorry I can't help you further on this occasion.”

There followed two more exchanges of this type in which Just Eats declined to engage in any meaningful dialogue for reasons of “policy”.  I left them in no doubt that this matter would not go away.

Happily Paypal have a system for dealing with problems with traders who use their services.  It is a bit cumbersome to use as it is designed for any kind of purchase.  On 8th September I complained to Paypal.  They asked Just Eats for a response.  I heard nothing further from Just Eats (and I suppose neither did Paypal).  On 4th October, Paypal refunded £103 direct to my bank account.

I have heard nothing further from Just Eats.  No apology, no explanation and no recognition that a company’s policy cannot exempt it from complying with the law of the land.

I shall never use Just Eats again and I would advise anyone who asks to avoid them like the plague.

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Just Eat are the worst of all the food delivery companies.  If I order anything I use Uber Eat, Deliveroo etc. Awful company and like most companies these days an absolute nightmare to communicate with. 

Sorry to hear - for future just call the restaurant and order that way. Most will be happy to as Just Eat, Deliveroo etc charge extortionate fees for their poor service, and you'll likely pay about 10-20% less too! 

Second that. On the rare occasions i have food delivered, i always order direct.

Good advice. Sadly, I did call the restaurant first but they recommended Just Eats. I hope they too learn better.

Was the food nice? I often wander past the restaurant and am intrigued.

I didn't include a review of the food in case the opprobrium of Just Eats reflected unfairly on I Nairobi.

As it happens, based on my limited experience of visiting Kenya just once, I am not a great fan of their specialities (such as ugali, tilapia and well cooked shredded kale). The restaurant does supply these things and some other more attractive dishes. If East African fare is your bag, you might enjoy a visit to the restaurant but I doubt whether we shall do so. Moreover, their prices seemed a bit on the high side relative to Harringay's broader offerings.

Uber are good at paying you back when you kick off.

I had a similar experience with Uber eats who did not deduct a 30% discount from my bill - no phone number, website said to contact them on social media to which you get just a form reply, and then was told I had not complained within a certain limited window. Unfortunately, having paid directly on the app, I was unable to get a refund. Since then, I'm loth to use any of the food delivery companies, as the business mode seems similar.

I had a bad experience with Just Eat but in my case the food didn’t turn up at all. After messages via Tweeter they sent me a similar message back. As you paid by PayPal contact them and submit a claim for refund. I paid via my credit card and contacted them who gave me a full refund via the charge back scheme. I noticed on Just Eats tweeter so many people had similar bad experience so I kept posting on their tweeter. They finally answered giving me free vouchers if I removed and stopped tweeting. I have not used them again and as everyone is saying order direct as most restaurants have their own contracts with drivers and that way they become responsible rather than a third party. 

Well done. It's nice to know that you managed to get a reaction out of them even though their vouchers could be as worthless as their service.

Do customers ever try direct contact with the eateries before using those app based delivery companies that syphon off our ££ to off shore tax havens?

I've never had a good experience with Just Eats. Used it once, and I think the food never arrived. Thought maybe that was a one off and tried it again, food was really late. Never again!



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