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Haringey council announced that they will probably have to remove 20 trees from Finsbury Park and nearly one hundred trees have been damaged by dogs whose "owners" are encouraging them to chew and scratch on their bark to strengthen their jaws and claws in preparation for fights.
The activity has caused particular devastation among a new avenue of poplars recently planted in Finsbury Park.

There have also been recent reports of dog fighting around the softball area in the park.

I was also told that this damage in Chestnuts Park is caused by the same thing
Dog attack, Chestnuts Park

Damaged by dogs, Chestnuts Park.

It is also asking anyone who witnesses either dogs chewing on trees or dog fighting, to report it immediately it to the Parks Constabulary on 020 7272 5464.

Also reported recently was that Haringey had the highest number of strays in London.
Not sure what the solution can be here. The return of the dog licence? An age limit on who can own a dog? A limited ban on certain types of dogs which can only be owned by registered kennels or businesses and subject to restrictions?

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A dog tax is a bit harsh isn't it? Not all humans are idiots shall we slap a Human Tax on them too?

We cannot simply punish a section of society because a minority of that group are anti social. This has been discussed already on the site.

Dog licences and chipping I'm all for, but a tax is a little OTT.

Please remember most dog owners are responsible. It's a fashion craze at the moment, these people should not be allowed to have dog for such purposes.
Dogs the new knives?

I'd like to see someone try and carry a pitbull in their waistband.
I agree B2. Dogs are pack animals and will do what they can to be subservient to the pack leader. Normally the (human) pack leader is someone who actually likes dogs and treats them with love. They respond in the same way. If the pack leader who shows them that violent behaviour is what they want they'll will get it.

In Sainsbury a few months ago a bloke (white, sports car, Nike clothes), parked in the disabled bay (blood starting to simmer here) and got out to use the cashpoint. His Staf started to get out of the car with him and the bloke picked it up by the collar, about 4 feet off the ground, slammed it into the side of the car, told it to "f***ing stay" and threw it into the car. I toddled over and asked if everything was okay. I was told to FO or the dog would rip me. The dog sat in the front seat and looked really embarassed.

The problem is that once these poor animals have been brainwashed like this is very hard to deprogramme them. People who deliberately abuse anmals to turn them into killing machine need to be treated in the same way as those who deliberately carry weapons to intimidate or harm others.

As for dog fighting - all of my middle class liberalism goes out of the window. The perpetrators of such vile acts could provide hours of enjoyment and exercise for the cruely caged big cats at London Zoo. Stick 'em in the cage for an hour and lets see a bit of respect going on.
Hmm... tricky one. The more you try and regulate dog ownership, the more likely it is that people will abandon their dogs when they get sick of them. Which obviously means more stray dogs.
The flip side of that is that without any regulation, there is nothing to stop people from getting a dog which they might subsequently mistreat and/or abandon.
How about a dog licensing scheme that requires potential owners to do some voluntary work in a dogs home or at a vets, so they can see how much work and responsibility is involved in keeping a dog.
Would that help?
It seems to me, as an outsider, that you all don't really know what you want.
More security? but with less regulation??

A good democratic society gives citizens rights, but they also should have responsibilities. I think dog ownership should be regulated. But that can only be done if the dog is registered at a particular address and his 'legal' owner (with reponsibilities) is also registered. It could then be possible to control who owns what breed of dog.. no under 21s for certain breeds for instance. But how can you control if the dog owner actually does live at the said address? ...You can't.

So you have to bite the bullet and make it a legal requirement for everyone to have a registered address. This means a visit to you local authority registration department when you move in and that's all. Everything flows from this: Car registration, dog ownership, paying dog tax (here in Berlin we pay 10 - 20€ a month, depending on the size of the dog, paid by direct debit and controlled by the local tax office), tax returns, voting rights, getting a bank account, employers knowing where you live, social security rights, no bit of paper ... no job.. if the police stop someone, they can check if they live where they say they do.

Whether you live in the USA or in Western Europe you have to register and you get a document with your name, dob and address.

So if you don't approve of that, don't complain about dog owners out of control, or of people voting who shouldn't.. etc. etc...

you pays your money and you takes your choice....
Clive, good point. We all know it's mainly pitbull / staffie breeds we're talking about. And we all also probably know the type that tends to gravitate towards thiese particular breeds. Michael described the the particular type of person very well in his post above. Unfortunately he got the treatment of the dog down to a t as well. And this is the source of the problem. Certain breeds are fashion accesories for a lot of (I know it's not PC, but I don't cate, it's accurate) chavs. And a lot of very young people gravitate towards these breeds too, they're no more than kids, who can't take responsilibity for their own actions, let alone train and take responsibility for an animal.
Hence the poor dogs being mis-treated, bullied, punched, kicked, shouted at, until all it knows is that humans tends to hurt and shout, and it makes them anxious, and so they get aggressive. It's all they've ever known.
It makes my blood boil!
The RSPCA and the police needs to confiscate a lot more dogs than they currently are. Hopefully most of them can then be re-trained and re-homes rather than destroyed.
The system in Germany sounds like an excellent one, and something I wish we could look at here. At least have a registered address to have a dog. It would also make it easier to carry out spot checks. No registration of the dog on the system? Dog gets confiscated. Hopefully a new system can make a lot of difference to a lot of dogs as well as people. And trees.
It used to be German Shepherds and Rottweilers when I was young... the common theme is the owners, not the breed of dog. I think someone has already said that in this thread.
If it really was this easy we'd be banning certain models of car...
True, but fact this, a pitbull is a lot more dangerous than a German Shepherd.

I'll let the car comment go. For now.
don't bite the bait Anette...! :o)
No match, a 2cv is a lot more lethal than a bike.. :D
Depends who's in charge of it :-)
I don't think you can say that's a fact. What do the police think I wonder?



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