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Haringey council announced that they will probably have to remove 20 trees from Finsbury Park and nearly one hundred trees have been damaged by dogs whose "owners" are encouraging them to chew and scratch on their bark to strengthen their jaws and claws in preparation for fights.
The activity has caused particular devastation among a new avenue of poplars recently planted in Finsbury Park.

There have also been recent reports of dog fighting around the softball area in the park.

I was also told that this damage in Chestnuts Park is caused by the same thing
Dog attack, Chestnuts Park

Damaged by dogs, Chestnuts Park.

It is also asking anyone who witnesses either dogs chewing on trees or dog fighting, to report it immediately it to the Parks Constabulary on 020 7272 5464.

Also reported recently was that Haringey had the highest number of strays in London.
Not sure what the solution can be here. The return of the dog licence? An age limit on who can own a dog? A limited ban on certain types of dogs which can only be owned by registered kennels or businesses and subject to restrictions?

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I passer-by was mauled by an attack dog at the open space at Falkland/Fairfax recently.

Teenagers were encouraging it in some sort of training at the time.

Ban attack dogs. The police need to gather intelligence on this and register every household that has one. Then undercover park police operations are needed to catch these idiots in the act.
It's the owners, not the dogs....

It used to be Dobermans and Rottweilers when I was young.
Neither of which I would trust within a 100 yards of my small children. Of course its the owners, that's why the comments I made would regulate owners. Banning anything is very hard as it creates an underground trade. Tough restrictions on ownership of certain types might help. granted hard to police but a person with a pitbull sauntering down the Passage would be challenged and his/her dog removed if he/she does not comply with the regulations. At present there is little to stop anyone acquiring and abusing dogs.
I was told when I was younger that Police dogs (German Shepherds) were trained to go for the ankles because if they leapt at a person who knew what they were doing... it was instant death. Grab the dog's fore limbs and pull apart, details and other solutions here. I doubt the idiots around us with "attack" dogs are training them properly and the dog is just as likely to attack them (or their children) if "in-the-mood".

Dogs are not the new knives, they are still just dogs.
I agree strongly with Moonsky. Attack dogs are 'the new knives' & they must be banned.
Apart from the advice to carry a baseball bat in areas with lots of dogs there seems to be some useful advice on dog attacks
Liz, a friend in Tottenham told me about this on the phone last night. This is one of the most depressing pieces of local news I've heard recently. Last week I walked past these trees and could not help noticing how one after another had had the bark stripped off at the side, up to hip height.

Maybe some can be saved. It had always surprised and pleased me over the last five years or so how they had remained unvandalized. Maybe the replacements can have shields around the lower trunk. Finsbury Park looks pretty good these days. So much time, effort and money had gone into those trees.

As for the perpetrators, I cannot say what I would like done to those mongrels and their dogs in a family newspaper.
As always in this situation the owners are to blame and not the dogs.

Dogs can be trained to do what you want them to do, if the Alpha Male, usually the owner trains it to fight, the dog will oblige to please it's superior.

I am all for bringing back dog licenses and possible compulsory chipping.

As a dog owner please does not demonise dogs, it’s the scum that own them that needs addressing.
This is all very sad, and the innocent ones in all this are actually the poor dogs. They're totally innocent animals who are being bought and "trained" - I'd use that term loosely - by young kids who could probably do with a bit of training themselves. I would go as far as saying a lot of these dogs are probably being mistreated, they are certainly not being handled in a responsible manner, they seem to be treated as things, not pets, to a lot of these people. How can you expect people who are barely able to look after themselves in a responsible manner to be a responsible dog owner? I would encourage anyone who sees what can be classified as mistreatment of dogs to call the The Animal Warden Service - they should be contacted for anything to do with dogs, including advice about responsible dog ownership, dog registration, information about poop scoops, or to report a stray dog or a dog that is causing a nuisance. Tel 020 8489 5546. Or the RSPCA's cruelty line: 0300 1234 999.

Bringing back the dog license is an absolute must, and attack dogs should most definitely be banned. This to protect both members of the public as well as other animals and least but not last, the attack dogs themselves. And dog owners should be over 18. Dogs are living beings with feelings and they deserve to be looked after in a responsible manner. Kids are often too immature to be able to provide the necessary care.

The amount of strays in our area shows how irresponsible the owners are. The dogs are strays for two reasons: 1. they've run away or 2. they've been let go, because the owner is bored with them. Nice!
I see a lot of dog training going on in the alley ways. Its not just groups of teenagers either - one bloke who regularly trains his dog there must be in his mid to late thirties.
I've seen people (well, men) lifting bull terriers up to the lower branches of trees in Clissold Park and then leaving them hanging there. It's to make their jaw muscles stronger. It's not just about using these poor creatures a weapon but, even worse, as competative fighting dogs where the winner kills its rival. It's big business. Below is a link to the RSPCA website which explains what to do if you suspect this is going on.

> .... those who engage in dog abuse or dog fights are just honing their skills and are very capable of doing worse things.

That's the crux of the issue & the govt/judiciary/police need to clamp down on these activities very quickly ... otherwise we will see far worse incidences in the near future.



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