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How would you feel about gating the passage ways of the Ladder? I could be completely wrong (as I don't use the passageways) but it appears to me that there are more costs than benefits to having free access to passways. They are poorly overlooked and offer too many opportunities to a criminal - no escape routes for victim in the passage way, quick escape route for criminal from street. These areas could be kept for wheelie bin storage or something more creative instead.

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Sorry, am still strongly opposed to this.

The passages really aren't that bad!!! The dog shit is very annoying, but that will just move on the pavements on the ladder roads. Ditto that stuff people dump - that will just move too (a lot of it is already dumped there). I can't comment on the crime situation but as many others have said why should we close off a public right of way because of the behavour of others.

I suppose I think there are more important issues in the local area than this, and possibly ones that have a more realistic chance of being addressed. I can't say I'm that convinced that Haringey Council would ever pay for the installation and twice daily upkeep of the gates!
Are there ANY statistics involving crime specifically in the passage? It's just that apart from the dog poo and litter, I think it's pretty safe. Anyone looked into moving further west where the houses have iron bars on the ground floor windows?
I walked the whole length of the passage today and it seems that Accord have cleaned it somewhat
but I failed to find any cctv cameras
I do know that one was put up to catch people allowing their dogs to foul the pavement but I think it was taken down again as no one was on the other end of it to see anything
Closing the passage off at certain times would stop the criminal activity at the hours its closed but what about the hours between 5 pm and it closing at 11pm.
It would still be good for criminals to escape down and still be frightening to some who walk it at night
Personally I have been lucky in the fact that I have never had any trouble walking the passage at anytime apart from dodging the dog crap
I think that this issue will run and run for a while yet
There is a camera still inbetween Fairfax and Effingham, the bit where it becomes quite wide. It’s one of those dome style ones you get in stores and not a conventional camera.

Whether it works or not, I don’t know?
Lets support Adam and email the council. Click through to Are you sick of urine and vomit in the passage?
If you want to, it might be useful to leave a message in above post to let A know that you've emailed.
Council promise to get tough... again. First one to get the letter wins a prize!
See Hugh's post on fines for dog dirt and dumping in today's forum.
Here, here.
Gating is a really touchy topic in planning departments (Haringey included I suspect). It's psychologically not great for a neighbourhood - and having used the passage I've not felt particularly unsafe (though the barbed wire and shards of glass on many of the walls isn't particularly attractive).

As an urban design student I did some plans for how to improve the passage, which included enclosing it from above with coloured perspex, and then some community mural type projects which would encourage people who lived in the houses along the passage to take ownership.

Anna is right - the passage is a public right of way - so it's not really open to gating - if you see what I mean.
Nice one Rachel, the mural and encouragement of ownership is a good idea. Would be a great project for the local schools I reckon. A different country for each segment perhaps? Oh please don't tell me that would encourage gangs... !

Not sure about the perspex idea, though, we need the rain to, erm, clean it, if you get my drift. Can you imagine the stench? And the people who might live in it? Ouch..

"An expensive attempt to stamp out antisocial
behaviour in Carlisle seems to have backfired by actually sending
crime up, not down, according to the News & Star (
http://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/1.508097 ).

Alley gates were installed on some back lanes in an attempt to reduce
burglaries, vandalism, fly-tipping, and general hoodie unruliness.
Codes for the 6ft gates are only given to residents, so that the
undesirable element would be forced to take their sulks and phlegm

But far from cutting crime, figures show it has increased since the
first gates were erected in 2007. Any further spread of the gates
scheme has been halted so that the authorities can get to the bottom
of it."
I was hearing about gig gating schemes run by Hillingdon & Ealing today. Not sure if they've been successful, but I do know that Ealing's has cost hundreds of thousands.

Anyone know any more about the schemes?



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