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See Penny's recent comment originally posted on Meet the Locals but now moved to Cafe Lemon, Green Lanes in the Local Cafe & Restaurant Recommendations group . Does anyone else wish we had a more diverse (is that the right word) Green Lanes?

Penny Commented:

I absolutely agree, Cafe Lemon is also my favourite - it is so great to have a friendly, stylish, female-friendly, cross national cafe down the road and the food is delicious! At last our local businesses are beginning to recognise that the Harringay demographic is not entirely consistent of gamblers and elderly Turkish men who want their male only joints!

Irfan - I reckon Harringay could also support any/all of the following:
- Gift/card shop
- a more broad-based deli (we are spoilt for choice for Turkish and Eastern European but apart from a limited range at Baldwins. Sainsbury's is our only other option for Italian goodies, or a trip to Crouch End!).

Which reminds me; I've rather neglected that page. I've had one suggestion the other day for another local who could be featured (thanks H) and have a few more in mind. Any other candidates? I'm thinking interesting, characterful, surprising rather than focussing on the gros bonnets.

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I am all for a more diverse Green Lanes but would rather opt for the local independent rather than a Starbucks or McGeneric High Street opening up.

A English/cross child friendly restaurant (Pickmoredaisies / Monkey Nuts ilk) would be great down there. We eat at plenty of Turkish/Kurdish places and Bianca, but would also like a place where we could get other options. A book shop would also go down a treat.

Please no more, estate agents, bookies or fruit and veg shops.
Good luck with it Nat, I'll certainly look out for it. Do you have a place in mind?

Yes a bookshop would be great wouldn't it? The loss of the Wood Green bookshop was terrible.
NB: Nat self-deleted his reply. This wasn't heavy handed moderation at work!
I confess it was me!!! I put a bit too much info in the previous comment!! Basically I am opening up a restaurant on Green Lanes that will have a strong Modern British influence. Opening later this year. I'll update everyone nearer the date but hopefully in will add to the range of choice.
Like to add my support to Nat.

I would also love to eat Thai food closer than Crouch End.

A curse upon Waterstones for taking over Ottakers then closing down.
Sounds great Nat. There does seem to be a lack of good quality places to eat on GL although a lot of the places are gems, we need a greater range. The Garden Ladder tried to go down the English/British route but it always seems a little quiet in there, don't know why. The food is okay considering how reasonable it is and does offer a bit for everyone. My main critisism would be that the real ales are too cold.

The Salisbury offers food, but very pricey considering what it is. I think the kitchen has changed hands around five times since it reopened four or five years ago. I did however think the Sunday roast (nut!) was very tasty.

I don't think it was Waterstone's fault, as far as I am aware. The company who owns the lease had a better offer per sp ft than what Waterstones were paying.

I now think it's going to be a dull Hennes!
I havent got over the loss of the indian restuarant that is now the garden ladder, they did the best dansak I've ever had. So a new indian restaurant would be good, a bike shop, a Lyons tea shop (although I'm pleased the lemon cafe opened we can now atlast get a decent cup of tea on green lanes!!) A modern upmarket fish and chip shop!! A woolworths instead of iceland or replace iceland with a state of the art internet cafe with modern furnishings perhaps combined with a book shop and cafe and bike shop?
But wasn't Woolworths replaced by a Greek furniture shop which in turn was replaced by (yes!) ICELAND about two decades ago? Give Iceland its due - it tried to go down the organic route a few years ago, before Sainsbury found it politic to exert its green muscle. Iceland also tried out a specialist bread corner about the same time (including McNamee's Irish brown wheaten from my home town!) - but like Ottakars and Waterstones and all the rest of the wishlist earlier in this thread such worthy efforts will inevitably fold if we only patronise them very occasionally. Whither Muna's?
thanks Tom, I'll definately be trying out Jashan. A few months ago I had some family staying over and we really fancied a curry so we ended up going to one that is not far from the punch and headbutt. The front door hanging off its hinges was a bad sign. The waiter was really lovely, but had no help and was probably cooking the food as well, because it took so long to arrive. There was a drunk couple getting even drunker and then getting angry and rude to the waiter for the food not arriving, then they walked out having smoked the place out with their cigarettes. When our food finally arrived, I have to say, it was the most discusting curry I've ever had. I'd ordered prawn dansak, which is normally a thick cream sauce this was prawns floating around in like cheap instant gravy..yuk
I'd like to see a decent health food shop on GL. And am also missing Thai and Indian food.
We would be delighted to hear from customers who have suggestions on any new products from around the world they would like us to stock.

Baldwins Butchers
Let me get back to you about stocking Norwegian "medisterpølse" - not quite sure what the English translation would be. But everyeone here who've tried it have loved it... :)



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